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What Is Revest Finance(RVST)? Complete Guide Review About Revest Finance.

What Is Revest Finance(RVST)?

Revest Finance introduces a new protocol for the creation of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) backed by fungible ERC-20 tokens that will exist on leading blockchains. This new breed of non-fungible financial instruments, henceforth referred to as Financial Non-Fungible Tokens (FNFT), will form the backbone of the Revest protocol. Under this new protocol, fungible digital assets are deposited into a Revest smart contract in exchange for their non-fungible representation. The digital assets underlying the FNFT will remain locked in the smart contract until specific criteria spelled out in the contract by the FNFT’s creator have been met. Ownership of the FNFT itself may be freely transferred at any point prior to the smart contract’s maturity date, without affecting the market value of its underlying fungible tokens.

Revest Finance FNFT may be bought, sold, and traded on any platform which supports the ERC-1155 standard. When the FNFT “unlocks”, the fungible asset(s) underlying the FNFT may be liquidated by its owner in a wide variety of ways, such as spot markets. The unlocking criteria are spelled out in the smart contract by the FNFT’s creator. They may include the passage of a set period of time from the creation of the FNFT, the market value of the FNFT’s underlying asset(s) exceeding or falling below a predetermined threshold based on oracle-sourced price-feeds, or any combination of the two.

Revest Finance Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameRevest Finance
Short NameF9
Circulating SupplyN\A
Total Supply999,999,999
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3 Composable Lock Types. Infinite Possibilites.

Time Lock

Time Locks are a powerful way to lock away transferable value. These are locks that unlock after a period of time has passed, permitting the value within to be withdrawn only following the passing of that period.

Value Lock

Create interesting incentive structures with Value Locks. Maybe you’d like to specify vesting terms to unlock after a token exceeds a certain value.

Address Lock

Unlock the full power of Revest Finance Smart Vaults when you use Address Locks. Use address locks created by the community or create one of your own for your specific use case.

Lock Any ERC-20

Revest Finance are the standard token type of the Ethereum blockchain, and now you can lock any ERC-20 in Revest Smart Vaults. Whether it be Chain link, Dai, Wrapped Bitcoin, or any other token, it is fully compatible with Revest Smart Vaults.

Team Vesting

A pre-rolled solution to team vesting. Revest Finance Smart Vaults put powerful Vesting structures at your fingertips. Instantly create simple Time Locks or create advanced incentives structures using a combination of Time and Value locks.

Batch Minting

When minting a new Smart Vault, you are not limited to a single vault creation. Maybe you are creating a dozen different Smart Vaults for a team. Maybe you are creating one hundred.

Batch Distribution

Quickly and easily distribute Smart Vaults across an entire team. Rather than minting 50 Smart Vaults to your wallet and then sending each off individually, save time and gas by minting the Smart Vaults directly into the recipient’s wallet! You can save even more time by copying and pasting a CSV of addresses and amounts to make the batch distribution process even smoother!

Fractionalizable – Split Your FNFT

Because your ERC-20 tokens are able to be fractionalized, so is your smart vault. Your smart vaults can be split, without effecting the lock. Now you are free to go ahead and sell just a small piece of your original lock without effecting the rest!

Multiple Deposits – Keep on Depositing

Want to add more tokens to a locked Smart Vault? No problem. By default Smart Vaults are able to accept additional deposits even after they are locked! Due to Revest Finance Smart Vaults impressive compos-ability, you also have the option to create a Smart Vault to not accept additional deposits after minting, the choice is yours.