Retrograde Airdrop Review: Astroport LP Rewards, and Supercharge 

Retrograde Airdrop Review: Astroport LP Rewards, and Supercharge 

About Retrograde Airdrop

Retrograde Airdrop is a protocol built on top of Astroport, allowing ASTRO stakers and Astroport liquidity providers to get the most out of the Astroport platform, with the least cost and effort. Retrograde is airdropping a total of 10,000,000 RETRO to carious Astroport users. Non-lockdrop ASTRO-UST liquidity providers and users who held ASTRO by March 30th, 2022, Astroport Bootstrap Auction participants and Astroport Lockdrop participants are eligible for the airdrop.

Token NameRetrograde Airdrop
Total Supply1,010,684,336 CHEQD
KYCKYC Is Not Requirement
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Max. ParticipantsUnlimited
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Step-by-Step Guide

Yield Boosting

If you are an ASTRO staker who wants to earn fees on Astroport, you can bring your ASTRO to Retrograde to earn all of the trading fees normally directed to xASTRO and vxASTRO, as well as a share of boosted ASTRO received by liquidity providers. If you are a liquidity provider on Astroport, you can bring your Astroport LP tokens to receive boosted ASTRO rewards on your liquidity positions, without locking up ASTRO into vxASTRO yourself .ASTRO stakers and liquidity providers also receive protocol emission rewards in the form of RETRO.

Astroport Governance

In addition to yield boosting, the Retrograde Airdrop token offers governance control over the ASTRO tokens in the Retrograde protocol treasury. The RETRO token can be used to vote on Astroport’s native emissions and governance protocols.

Retrograde for ASTRO Stakers

Retrograde offers boosted yields for ASTRO stakers, without requiring stakers to lock up the staking asset. On Astroport, trading fees are distributed:

  • 50% to users who stake their ASTRO for xASTRO, and
  • 50% to users who lock their xASTRO for vxASTRO, requiring them to stay locked for up to 2 years

The typical ASTRO staker who wants to maximize their yield on Astroport therefore must lock up their assets for up to 2 years.By using Retrograde, stakers can forgo the lockup, remaining fully liquid, while receiving even greater yield than regular Astroport yield. Stakers of Retrograde Airdrop on Retrograde receive:

  • All trading fees directed to vxASTRO (as ASTRO)
  • A share of the ASTRO farmed by Astroport liquidity providers who use Retrograde (as ASTRO)
  • Additional RETRO incentives on top
  • Any airdrops that go to ASTRO, xASTRO, and vxASTRO holders

Retrograde for Liquidity Providers

Retrograde offers Astroport liquidity providers boosted ASTRO yield without requiring them to lock up any ASTRO themselves. On Astroport, liquidity providers earn ASTRO rewards via Astroport emissions, as a reward for providing liquidity. Via the Generator Boosties mechanism, Astroport liquidity providers who are also vxASTRO holders are additionally able to boost their share of ASTRO emissions from 1x to 2.5x .

However, this requires liquidity providers to purchase and lock ASTRO tokens, adding considerable principal overhead and risk to their position. On Retrograde, liquidity providers can enjoy the max boost on their ASTRO rewards without locking up any ASTRO themselves, by leveraging the Retrograde treasury. Liquidity providers can bring their LP tokens to Retrograde, and receive:

  • Claimable ASTRO with a high boost without locking any ASTRO
  • RETRO rewards
  • Any airdrops that go Astroport liquidity providers

Retrograde for Astroport Voters

In short, every 2 weeks, Astroport governors can vote on which liquidity pairs to provide ASTRO incentive emissions for, and how much ASTRO emissions to provide to each.As Retrograde Airdrop treasury contains vxASTRO, it therefore represents a voting power in Astroport Generator Calibration and regular governance polls.

All of the voting power of Retrograde’s treasury is controlled by the RETRO token, which can be locked to vote on behalf of the Retrograde treasury (pro-rata the voting share of RETRO tokens). Therefore, parties interested in voting on Astroport Generator Calibration or governance polls can do so with the RETRO token.