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What Is Retire Token (RETIRE)? Complete Guide Review About Retire Token.

What Is Retire Token (RETIRE)?

This document is not intended to offer financial advice or counsel of any kind. The purpose of this document is purely to inform on the token economics of Retire Token. Retirement is a subject that weighs heavy on the mind of most people throughout their lives. From property to pensions, there are countless schemes a person can put in place to prepare for getting older and eventual retirement. Most require years of frugality and hard work, for minimal end benefit. As each generation ages and progresses into the retirement stage of life, economies around the world appear to struggle under the load.

This is why it is more important than ever to make sure every preparation is taken to ensure a safe and comfortable retirement at a time in life when any hard earned money can still be enjoyed. It is obvious that there is a massive discrepancy between state payments and the affordability of living during retirement, further demonstrating the need to plan for the future. The below table demonstrates the difference in state pension payments against the cost of living in several different countries.

Retire Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameRetire Token
Short NameRETIRE
Circulating Supply401,000.00 RETIRE
Total Supply401,000
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The Retire Token Protocol

The entire Retire Token ethos is to reward long term holders generously. An investment in Retire is an investment for the future. Too often in the crypto currency space, a tokens ecosystem benefits market manipulation, leading to a culture of ‘pump and dump’ that leaves long term holders missing out on profit. The unique tokenomics of Retire Token go further than most to prohibit this type or manipulation and protect holders. With a supply of just 401(k) (401,000 tokens), tokens will rapidly become like gold dust, increasing the value and aiding market stability. As an added safety measure, liquidity will be locked for at least one year after launch.


Removing the need to stake, claim or farm, holders will earn a passive income in USDT from any transaction that takes place within the Retire ecosystem. 15% of each transaction is taxed and redistributed to all holders (on transactions over 100 Retire Token). The reward is proportional to the amount of tokens held, so each transaction will contribute exponentially to the growth of a wallet. The longer tokens are held, the greater the benefit. Tokens are automatically sent directly into the holders wallet every 60 minutes, although in quieter periods this may take longer.

Project Development

A huge part of the ethos at Retire Token is expanding your reach, therefore 3% of each transaction will be automatically converted into USDT and go directly towards marketing and spreading the word about Retire. A large and vocal community will only aid in driving up the overall value of the token and increasing the reward for holders. Earnings from this fee will go to expanding the project and rewarding the holders by running airdrops, social media campaigns and applying for exchange listings.

Locked Liquidity

In addition to the transaction fees and rewards, liquidity of Retire has been locked for one full year. Locked LP tokens consist of a BNB/Retire pairing. Investor safety is paramount with Retire Token, so the liquidity locking period will be reviewed after the initial year has concluded. The tokenomics of Retire Token (Retire) are solely geared to protecting and rewarding the investor. Higher transaction fees generate greater rewards for holders, while discouraging detrimental market manipulation. Liquidity locking adds safety and trust to a token already geared for the investor.

Social Media

The Retire marketing strategy centers around social media. Telegram has become the main hub for cryptocurrency chat, so it will feature heavily in the Retire Token strategy. There will be an announcement channel for all updates regarding the project, alongside a group for more casual chat and questions. It is a main goal to build a healthy and happy community who believe in the project as much as the main developer team, and who will be willing to help and support each other as progress the project.

Twitter is the perfect platform to deliver short and concise updates on the project and other helpful and insightful information our holders may benefit from. There is a thriving crypto currency community on the platform already, and it is the perfect place to spread the word on the unique tokenomics of the project. Twitter affords users the opportunity to connect with a range of people across the globe, from influencers to small time investors and it allows for targeted growth through tactful posting.

Retire Token intends to use these, and other social media platforms (such as tiktok and instagram) to keep holders and prospective holders up to date with everything happening. Alongside delivering information to holders, these platforms will be used to market the token to wider audiences through a variety of different mediums, from memes; to in depth posts; to airdrops and other events.


Q4 2021
● Retire website is born
● Telegram launch
● Twitter launch
● Audit by Techrate
● Whitepaper release
● Pinksale launch
● CEX listing (Confirmed)
● +15k members in Telegram
● Listing Coingecko
● Listing CoinMarketCap
● Meme contests
● $5M of market cap
● Partnership with influencers
● $10M of market cap
2022 onwards
● $50M of market cap
● RETIREswap
● Staking Pool
● Merch shop
● NFT series
● $100M of market cap
● More to be announced…

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