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What Is Reptilian Coin (RPTC)? Complete Guide Review About Reptilian Coin.

What Is Reptilian Coin (RPTC)?

The eerie glow of the Dark Moon of Draconis unveils a plan long in the making the great Reptilian Coin takeover of the blockchain. Hail Draconian is a platform-spanning Reptilian propaganda project celebrating the misadventures of Earth’s shadowy cabal of shape shifting overlords across animated episodes, comics, NFT collections and a participatory story world.

The dark energy powering the Hail Draconis Metaverse is $RPTC, a one-of-a-kind entertainment coin unlocking holder access to exclusive NFT rewards, interaction with the series, and protection from blood sacrifice. Forget crypto, here’s repto, baby. The Unholy Tarot predicts the great flipping between $RPTC and $DOGE.

Reptilian Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameReptilian Coin
Short NameRPTC
Circulating Supply287,200,000.00 RPTC
Total Supply666,666,666
Source CodeClick Here To View Source Code
ExplorersClick Here To View Explorers
Twitter PageClick Here To Visit Twitter Group
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website


Add your voice to the Reptilian Coin Stomp, the dread war cry featured at the end of each episode of Hail Draconis. Show the crypto sphere the might of the Reptilian Horde. It’s simple two stomps, a clap, and a bloodcurdling HAIL DRACONIS. They recommend recording in your most quiet, soundproof lair, as this plan is TOP SECRET (Swarm spies are everywhere). Hear Lord Korplore’s call to arms and tremble in fear.

How To Buy RPTC

First, please understand that RPTC is not an investment. You should not expect to make any profit or financial gain from purchasing RPTC. The price of RPTC will be highly volatile and may go to zero. Reptilian Coin recommend doing this on a desktop/laptop, not your phone, and to set aside some time to do it properly. If you run into trouble, hit up on Discord and step you through it. If you purchase RPTC, you may lose your money. You purchase RPTC at your own risk. Buying Reptilian Coin ($RPTC) is a three-step path to repto-enlightenment. You’re going to:

1. Create a digital wallet,
2. Buy some ETH,
3. Exchange that ETH for $RPTC.

The Company warranties

You should not expect to make any profit or financial gain from purchasing RPTC. The price of RPTC will be highly volatile and may go to zero. If you purchase RPTC, you may lose your money. You purchase RPTC at your own risk. Hail Draconis Pty Ltd makes no warranties that any purchase of Reptilian Coin will result in any profit or financial gain. Once you’ve made your wallet you’ll end up with a unique wallet address that is string of letters and numbers – it lives up the top of the Metamask popup and will look something like this

Nothing on this website is financial or investment advice. Potential purchasers of RPTC are encouraged to get financial advice before purchasing RPTC. Hail Draconis Pty Ltd disclaims all liability for any financial loss, damage or any other form of loss that may be caused by any purchase of RPTC.

Create a metamask wallet

Reptilian Coin is a digital wallet. This is where you will ultimately hold your crypto assets, including $RPTC. Think of it like your own private treasure vault. Metamask is best used as a browser extension (for Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Brave). This video walks you through the process. Make sure to write down your SEED PHRASE – preferably not just on your computer.

If you lose the seed phrase, you will lose your Reptilian Coin (and any other cryptocurrency or NFTs you have stored in the wallet). The wallet is the vault, your seed phrase is the lullaby that gets you past the dragon guarding the entrance. Keep it secret. Keep it safe.

Purchase ETH

Before you can buy $RPTC, you need to buy ETH. ETH can be bought on a cryptocurrency exchange (think of it like foreign currency exchange). This is where you transfer your hard-earned human dollars to cryptocurrency. Examples include Reptilian Coin or Coinbase. You’ll need to set up an account and verify yourself using a drivers licence or a passport. Once verified, you can generally transfer money directly to your cryptocurrency exchange account via POLi, Pay ID, BPay or Direct Deposit.

Depending on which process you choose, this may be instantaneous. When the money appears in your account, you can buy ETH. Once ETH has been purchased, you need to get it into your Metamask wallet. Use the ‘send’ option, and send the ETH to your unique Metamask address.

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