What Is Rendertoken.com?(RNDR) Complete Guide Review About Rendertoken.com

What Is Rendertoken.com?(RNDR) Complete Guide Review About Rendertoken.com

What Is Rendertoken.com?

Rendertoken.com (RNDR) is a distributed GPU rendering network built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, aiming to connect artists and studios in need of GPU compute power with mining partners willing to rent their GPU capabilities out. Conceived in 2009 by OTOY, inc. CEO Jules Urbach and launched in 2017, RNDR held its first public token sale in October of that same year, followed by a private sale period lasting from January 2018 – May 2018, wherein a total of 117,843,239 RNDR were sold at a price of 1 RNDR = $0.25 USD equivalent of token.

OctaneRender® is the world’s first and fastest GPU-accelerated, unbiased, physically correct renderer. Octane uses the graphics card in your computer to render photo-realistic images super fast. With Octane’s parallel compute capabilities, you can create stunning works in a fraction of the time.

Rendertoken Coin OTOY’s Academy Award®-winning technology is used by leading visual effects studios, artists, animators, designers, architects, and engineers, providing unprecedented creative freedom, new levels of realism, and new economics in content creation and distribution powered by the cloud. OTOY® was founded in 2008 by Jules Urbach, Alissa Grainger and Malcolm Taylor. Since then, the company has grown to over 60 employees across four offices with headquarters in Los Angeles, CA.

Rendertoken.com Storage Key Points

Coin NameRendertoken.com
Short NameRNDR
Circulating Supply258,491,637.23 PUNDIX
Total Supply258,491,637
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How It Works

The Render Network

The Render Network™ is the first network to transform the power of GPU compute into a decentralized economy of connected 3D assets.


Network Scalability

Rendertoken.com Scaling GPU rendering power is too difficult with traditional render technology. There are limits on what can be done rendering locally, on a network, or even in the cloud. It’s impossible to leverage GPUs throughout the world efficiently without some sort of decentralized system that tracks and manages render jobs.


It’s easy to get confused when diving into cryptocurrency with little background knowledge, especially when terms like “tokens”, “coins” and “wallets” are not clearly analogous to their real-world counterparts. The following information will help to clear up how a wallet functions.

The Missing GPU Network

Rendertoken Coin GPUs, the most efficient rendering hardware, are now a standard component on every phone and PC. However, the current system harbors many inefficiencies. Most developers’ GPUs remain idle when they are not rendering their own work.

A Better Use for GPU Power

Today, a large and growing amount of GPU power is used for Proof-of-Work mining. But Proof-of-Work is inherently inefficient, leveraging GPU power to solve arbitrary hash functions in order to power the network. They envision a future where GPUs are used for the work that they were designed for, eventually basing this process as the underlying protocol that will power the Render Network™.

Digital Rights Management

Rendertoken.com there is no universally accessible storage location for artists to store their work and know that it is theirs. Through the blockchain and the ledger-based storage protocol of the RNDR™ network, artists are able to store and access their designs and creations.

The visual world is evolving at breakneck speed.

Authoring and publishing state-of-the-art graphics is an immense challenge that is growing each day. The future demand for advanced rendering will lead to even more complexity and require higher resolution and more interactivity.

The vision is to democratize GPU cloud rendering

The Rendertoken Coin creates a much more efficient, powerful, and widely-scalable rendering network. The Render Network is designed to connect users looking to perform render jobs with people who have idle GPUs to process the renders. Owners would connect their GPUs to the Render Network in order to receive and complete rendering jobs using Octane Render. Users would send RNDR to the individual performing the render work and OTOY would receive a small percentage of RNDR for facilitating the transaction and running the Render Network.