Renderpayment Ico Review – The High-Risk Merchant Solution

Renderpayment Ico Review

About Renderpayment

The implementation of the Renderpayment Token Ecosystem and RPM Token is a real game changer for both standard and high risk markets. It will have an immediate and long-term effect on the bottom line of businesses that rely on mobile and electronic payments. The RPM ecosystem provides a solid foundation for the business to customer sales process and will ensure that participants get the maximum benefit of quality pricing, far below the current industry standard rates. The Render Payment Solution offers merchants a stable, reduced cost, low charge back methodology of exchanging goods and services while the consumer utilizes traditional means of payment such as debit and credit cards. Its ease of implementation combined with maximum security are some of the underlying strengths of the token ecosystem.

The block chain enables the development of a full spectrum of wallets, escrow and shopping services that will give consumers and businesses choices not currently present in their industry. Renderpayment believes that many blockchain and token based projects will benefit from integration with Render Payments capabilities. Hundreds of new companies are being built on the revolutionary change that blockchain brings to the market. The Render Payment Ecosystem will provide a disruptive business model and decentralized cybersecurity controls to deliver greater utility and a simpler and safer financial transaction experience.

Renderpayment Key Information

Token NameRenderpayment
Price in ICO0.2500 USD
Tokens for sale400,000,000
Distributed in ICO50%
Soft cap1,000,000 USD
Hard cap15,000,000 USD
Token TypeERC-20
Token SymbolRPM
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The Game Change Team Behind Renderpayment

Renderpayment Ico Review - The High-Risk Merchant Solution.

Solution Timeline

Renderpayment have incorporated a fast-paced timeline for system additions and upgrades that will enhance the overall performance of Render Payment. A company aggressive timeline will ensure to ecosystem remains relevant in a rapidly changing environment. Render Payment began with its Merchant Services design and was founded because key management is involved in the cannabis industry, which is faced with a demand for reliable, secure, low cost merchant services and they promptly realized many high risk industries had the same need. The team made the decision in 2017 to form the business entity and begin development of its merchant services.

RPM Promotional Tokens

Renderpayment will set aside 250 million (25% of the total allocation) of the RPM tokens to be used to incentivize the adoption of the financial processing system. In the long term, it is expected the resellers and customers will supplement this promotional supply with the tokens that are earned by their services. It is expected that these tokens will be used to incentivize participation in the system by users, services and financial institutions. The RPM token should incentivize partners to build services that provide advance capabilities and enhance the quality, security and utility of the financial system over time. The bootstrapping of this processing system is a core component of the strategy and the longterm success of the system. It is expected that tokens may be used to:

  • Support third-party developers and other third parties that support expansion and promote adoption of the ecosystem
  • Distribute to resellers to promote and incentivize use and adoption of the financial processing system
  • Support marketing and strategic partners who market and promote the tokens and the financial system
  • Reward service providers for early adoption of the ecosystem

Cultural Shifts Affecting High Risks Markets

Internet savvy Millennials and Generation Z are demanding change in how business is conducted. Renderpayment old bureaucracy of the 20th century is no longer acceptable. Consumers are frustrated by the friction involved in the finance world. They want a simple solution! This cumbersome and costly system of payment is not keeping pace with modern societal and business needs. Today’s consumers are reported to be financially cautious and supremely interested in value and authenticity.

They appreciate a system that promotes equality and choice, using technological and innovative tools. With these two generations expecting to spend $10 trillion during their lifetimes in the cyber-world, systems will have to adapt to their needs. When the cost of high risks has a direct effect on the price these consumers must pay for the products they want, they will tend to drive the market to fair and equitable solutions.

Financial Regulation and Oversight

The simple fact is that money is the totality of business. Without the ability to effectively complete financial transactions our society, social networks, and business environments would all collapse catapulting Renderpayment back to the days of face-to-face paper transaction and bartering services. With multiple federal and state level agencies enforcing millions of existing and new rules, and issuing multiple executive orders, oversight continues to increase. This is enhanced by regulatory publications from press and independent agencies,all geared towards the protection of financial transactions. For this reason, innovation that enables high risk businesses and their customers the ability to manage, buy, sell, and trade, at reasonable and competitive cost, presents a wealth of opportunities.