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What Is Relaychain? (ZERO) Complete Guide Review About Relaychain.

What Is Relaychain?

Relaychain Coin allows traders to reach many markets simultaneously by integrating cross-chain swaps into popular DEX, CEX, dApps and wallets, bringing new arbitrage opportunities and increased exposure to lucrative trades. For the rest of us, Relay means they can move crypto between blockchains with simplicity, security and speed, making cross-chain DeFi accessible to the masses.

The ZERO Exchange Protocol realigns incentives for network participants by introducing revenue sharing and community driven network effects to the popular AMM model. Avalanche achieves sub-second transaction finality, supports Visa- level transaction throughput, is resilient to 51% attacks, and is the only blockchain that supports multiple virtual machines

Relaychain Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameRelaychain Coin
Short NameZERO
Circulating Supply
Total Supply50,000,000,000
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How it works

Connect Wallet

Choose your Relaychain wallet to connect

Bridge Token

Choose your token and your destination chain

Receive Tokens

Receive your tokens on the destination chain

Why Stake With Relay?

Relaychain Coin Staking solution provides one of the best profit sharing experiences in DeFi. Stake your Relay today to begin earning native gas tokens from the world’s most popular blockchains. The unique rewards mechanism allows you to gain a passive income without the risk of impermanent loss.

Regenerative Rewards

Staking rewards come from the revenue generated by the Relay bridge. e.g. Avax, ETH, Matic, and More! As long as the bridge is running, you are earning!

Real Time Top-Ups

The Relay Staking pool is updated every 2 weeks, No need to un-stake/re-stake. Relaychain got you covered!

No Impermenant Loss

By staking the Relay token you can safely secure your portion of the rewards, without the downside of impermanent loss.

Portfolio Exposure

By holding and staking Relay, you gain exposure to multiple crypto assets. Relaychain Coin staking rewards act similar to a dynamic market index by rewarding you based on owning one token, Relay.

Stake to Earn

They made the RELAY token deflationary with the unique tokenomics model utilizing buy back and burns from the bridge fees, while minimizing sell pressure by suppressing Relay emissions. Become an Investor today to earn native gas tokens (like MATIC, AVAX, MOVR, etc) through Staking, or partners’ tokens (QUICK, SOLAR, MOON, etc) when proving liquidity with the RELAY token as a pair through a Pool.

Blockchain Solution

This difference in the consensus Relaychain protocols does not allow token migration between two different blockchains. To solve this interoperability problem, blockchain bridges are the most suitable solution. They help users transfer tokens with guaranteed security between two chains. These blockchain bridges also provide features like hacker surveillance, code audits and decentralizing relayers to process cross-chain transactions.


Relay is a cross-chain ecosystem that works as a bridge to migrate tokens and assets between two different blockchain platforms. It helps in regulating the DeFi liquidity space. Relay bridges connect the asset and its respective blockchain ecosystem to other with different consensus protocols.

Migrating tokens via relay bridges is cost-effective and fast, with minimum downtime between two different blockchains. The Relaychain Coin bridge currently functions as per the liquidity exchange of similar addresses, migrating from one blockchain to another.

Fees And Rewards

Relay bridge also collects fees and rewards its liquidity providers. A certain amount of fees collected by the relay bridge directly contributes to buying and burning the Relay Token back, converting it into deflationary funds.


Relay Bridges are built to provide fast transfers with the maximum number of transactions without liquidity disruption. The use of relay bridges results in lesser congestion and increased scalability in processing the transactions.


Relaychain bridge is effectively triple audited. RelayChain is an optimized version of the original Chainsafe code, which was originally audited by ConsenSys Dilligence. A subsequent audit of the code and improvements was performed by Zokyo. And a final audit was conducted by leading cyber security specialists, Halborn. The relayers are known and trusted entities.