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Refinable (FINE) Coin Review : It Is Good Or Bad Review

About Refinable (FINE)

Refinable (FINE) virtual goods economy has grown massively year over year, spurred mostly by an uptick in in-game spending. Digital game spending alone accounts for over $127 billion (USD) in 2020, while NFT gaming cumulative sales volume just surpassed $55 million in the same year, according to Messari. Considering NFT marketplaces are still in their infancy, based on current growth rates, the NFT market will no doubt account for a sizable portion of the global virtual goods economy

Fundamentally, NFTs represent unique asset ownerships, thereby making it an attractive medium for online transactions. However, supporting the NFT ecosystem has to be a balance of dierentiated activities.

Refinable (FINE) By securing transactions and goods via NFT technology, Refinable offers any person a reliable way of transacting online, and the believe this new medium of transaction can apply to any transacting communities.

Refinable (FINE) aim to create the most trusted retail marketplace for limited digital goods, where users can transact confidently when dealing with any high value or limited items such as collectibles, game items, digital artwork, unique files, domains, event tickets, lottery tickets, and more.

Refinable (FINE) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin Name Refinable
Short Name FINE
Circulating Supply41,059,833.00 FINE
Total Supply500,000,000
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Scarce By Design

Refinable (FINE) All platform content will be minted in limited quantities or accessed from other NFT compatible blockchains when ready. Provable scarcity gives creators a new dimension of customization while also inevitably enabling the emergence of secondary markets.

Customized Distributions

Refinable (FINE) support users from entrepreneurs establishing their own storefronts to creators who love to share within their community in how they want to distribute their content. Configure your goods for one-click purchase, silent/public auctions, purchase approvals, redemption, or even as a free drop for your patrons.

Content Agnostic

Refinable (FINE) Refinable is open to all content types from 2D images to 3D models, internet domains to music albums. The platform aims to normalize NFT trade, so the users will naturally discover the content they want to create and transact with.


Refinable (FINE) Trade Trade directly and leverage confidently with any user on the platform through automated smart contracts hosted on the public and proven BSC environment.

Community Governance

Refinable (FINE) Platform stakeholders will be able to submit proposals, vote on initiatives, and moderate the Community Governance Platform stakeholders will be able to submit proposals, vote on initiatives, and moderate the platform to ensure alignment with evolving needs of the community.

High Performance,

Refinable (FINE) Low Fees The Binance Smart Chain allows FINEnable to transact in an ultra-fast and secure environment while maintaining limited fee exposure for end-users. Not to mention they offer the lowest commission rates too

Platform Features

Refinable (FINE) 04 The Refinable platform will have a direct focus on servicing the Creation, Discovery, and Trade/Distribute of NFTs. They are excited to introduce many new and innovative features designed from the ground up featuring NFT as both a means of transaction and content. However, once the platform is settled, the will begin shifting focus to allow users to extract value from their owned NFTS beyond simply ownership

Empowering Creation

A highly customizable NFT creation process will serve as the pillar of the Refinable ecosystem. they aim to empower all creators with a suite of NFT minting features that can cater to any distribution intention. Refinable NFTs will support both ERC721 or 1155 standards

Define custom scarcity options such as unique (1 of 1) or limited (up to 5), as secured by the blockchain. Verified token holders will be entitled to higher scarcity limits

Tokenize any content as an NFT. Our NFT creation module allows users to batch any number of files and extensions as one NFT unit.