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What Is RBXS Marketing Samurai (RBXSamurai)? Complete Guide Review About RBXS Marketing Samurai.

What Is RBXS Marketing Samurai (RBXSamurai)?

Full service marketing agency built specifically for the cryptocurrency market. Full service publishing team equipped to handle copy writing. Unique digital content created specifically for your brand. RBXS Marketing Samurai are a Marketing Consultant and Services firm specializing in cryptocurrency. RBXS can handle all your marketing needs with Macro Shilling, Manual Shilling, Content Creation, Social Media Buildout and community engagement. Reach out today if you are interested in using your services. When you accept a deal, you can also choose to Accept all, or just a portion (in this case you’ll get back the remaining) and there are 2 main scenarios you may be confronted with.

This happens when you max out your allocation in Scenario 2, making you eligible to participate in the open redemption period. Here you may redeem the remaining Pool Tokens for Deal tokens up until you have used all your funds or the deal cap has been reached. After accepting your deal, you’ll be able to see the Deal Vesting page, where you’ll be able to view and Vest you Deal Tokens until you have vested/claimed them all. When creating a pool, this is the first screen you’re greeted with. RBXS Marketing Samurai go into more detail about what each of these settings means.

RBXS Marketing Samurai Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameRBXS Marketing Samurai
Short NameRBXSamurai
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply100,000,000
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Track record

RBXS Marketing Samurai have marketed for over 30 coins, fine-tuning your approach and process for successful and proven results. This train and develop your community while marketing to provide continued growth even after your services have ended. Once you click on “Purchase” you’ll have to approve the contract to spend your Investment Token, and later approve the contribution. After a couple of minutes you’ll notice “My Pool Balance” will reflect you contribution! Now all you have to do is wait until the Purchase Locked Duration is finalised.

The sponsor can now create a deal and you’ll have the choice to accept it or not. If the SPONSOR finds a deal after the purchase expiry period, the SPONSOR creates and announces the deal terms to the investors and then the holder has a specified time period to send the underlying deal tokens/ tokenized assets to the contract. If the funds are sent, the investors can convert their Pool Tokens (or a partial amount) to deal tokens, which represent a claim on the underlying deal token.


The Hierarchy is a reward system for active members in Leadership, content creation, shilling and other disciplines deemed useful to RBXS Marketing Samurai. As you move up the ranks your rewards increase and you also get to share in client revenue. Anyone is free to join. A system that allows anyone who truly believes in the project to rise through the ranks through hard work in shilling, content creation and leadership. No tax on buys. 2.5% tax on sells on the Ethereum network. 5% tax on sells on the BSC network. Tax fees go to marketing & community fund.


All ranking members Samurai and up are paid through being given a pre-staked position. As the price of the coin goes up so does everyone’s pay. This incentives members of all ranks to work hard and find ways to improve the community. Currently available on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. In this scenario, for every 1 Pool Tokens of contribution, you’ll get 0.8 Deal Token. They may withdraw their remaining amount at any time or used for the Open Redemption Period. (e.g. a user who purchased $100 RBXS Marketing Samurai of Pool Tokens receives $80 allocation).


It may be impossible for community members to invest because the pool may fill up too quickly. Illegitimate investors may fill up your pool and then withdraw it once they’re presented with a deal, leaving you with nothing. Deallocation may occur if the deal presented is for less than the total balance of the pool. RBXS Marketing Samurai is not a bad thing, though; it just means everyone gets fewer deal tokens and the rest of their funds returned. Accept only the amount of pool tokens you anticipate needing for your deal. This is the time that investors will have to purchase pool tokens. Most sponsors choose between one to two weeks to give everyone equal access to the investment.


Q1 2022

Rank increase – They will be scaling your internal team of samurai to 200 members.

Partnerships – They will announce 3 new clients.

Staking – Staking will allow RBXS holders to earn 48% APY on their RBXS. This was completed on January 8th, 2022.

Binance Smart Chain Launch – RBXS will be available on Binance Smart Chain network. This was completed on January 29th, 2022.

Q2 2022

Rank increase – They will be scaling your internal team of samurai to 300 members.

Partnerships – They will announce 5 new clients.

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