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What Is Raptorswap? (RPTR) Complete Guide Review About Raptorswap.

What Is Raptorswap?

Raptorswap Coin is a decentralized, financial ecosystem designed by holders for holders. The mission is to heal planet earth and stop climate change by allowing the holders to stake their tokens to generate yield for themselves and ecological projects. The goal is to build a decentralized, green DEX platform (RaptorSwap) and green blockchain (RaptorChain).

They at Raptor Finance feel that the crypto industry is not sustainable and green enough, they are going to change that! The platform will be hosted on servers that are powered by green electricity, the UK data center uses 100% green-sourced power as specified by E.ON, and as regulated by Ofgem. Additionally, they are planting trees every day to ensure that the world is becoming a greener place!

Raptorswap Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameRaptorswap Coin
Short NameRPTR
Circulating Supply463,082,569.00 RPTR
Total Supply650,000,000
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A Raptorswap one of a kind DEX with CEX attributes, featuring live trading charts and live transaction feeds. The ne-of-a-kind non-KYC verified exchange allows you to reap the benefits of a traditional exchange without having to worry about the prying eyes of the regulation, and your tokens will always remain in your custody, off of an exchange. If you prefer a more simple swap style, they also provide that so the product is not exclusive to the tech-savvy consumer, but for everyone.

A small set fee is applied to every transaction which partially goes to the donation wallet, by doing so they enable the trading platform to partake in saving the planet! New token owners will have the possibility to help save the planet by hosting their liquidity on RaptorSwap. Fees from liquidity pools and subsequent trading fees will go directly to the donation wallet!


Raptorswap Coin at Raptor Finance aim to donate these earnings to charities/projects/foundations that help the fight against climate change through technology. They strongly believe that it’s impossible to change the behavior of enough people on this planet in time to save the planet, so they need technology to help do that!

They are not saying that anyone who doesn’t think about climate change is bad, because realistically if you earn 10 dollars a day you, unfortunately, don’t have the time to think about the climate. This is one of a multitude of reasons why people aren’t thinking about climate change. But they do! And that is the reason the started this project!


The Raptorswap allows you to earn passive Raptor income with highly competitive returns. After simply exchanging for LP tokens, you can deposit these into one of the farms to begin earning Raptor Tokens. The earlier you join a farm, the better your chances are of taking advantage of a higher APR!

Just like the RaptorStaking, they do not have a time lock on our RaptorFarm platform, you can unstake and claim your earned Raptor Tokens whenever you like, giving you the freedom to manage your own income.


With RaptorStaking you can earn additional Raptors Tokens. Deposit your Raptor Token into the specialized staking contract, and earn a sustainable 10% APR every epoch (3s). They do not have a time lock on the Raptorswap Coin platform, you can unstake and claim your earned Raptor Tokens whenever you like, giving you the freedom to manage your own income.


Buy tickets to participate in the first-of-its-kind, Proof-of-Work (PoW), random number generation (RNG) lottery, using the same fundamentals as Proof-of-Work mining to generate on-chain randomization. When you purchase a ticket, a “ticket” is minted for you on the blockchain via a cryptographically secure, randomly generated hash. That hash is your “ticket” and is minted to your address; it cannot be duplicated or modified.

Once a week, Raptorswap specialized lottery contract will draw the highest available hash, via the highest available nonce, and whoever has the highest algorithmically valued hash wins the jackpot! When you purchase a ticket 80% of the cost goes to the pot, 15% goes to the donation wallet and 5% goes to the marketing wallet! Not only making this a first-of-its-kind PoWRNG lottery, but also an exciting way to help save the planet!


Raptor Token powers the Raptor ecosystem. It is the foundation of all the products they have made and will be the foundation of all the future products they will make. The Raptor Token is a deflationary token. More information about this within the Whitepaper. They do this to combat the exchange killer known as impermanent loss because on the other side, they have features such as staking (and farming coming in the future) which generate new tokens. With this, they can keep the total supply balanced.

Initially, Raptorswap Coin total supply was one quadrillion tokens, of which they burned 53% from the get-go. Afterwards, they decided to move to a lower total supply. Hence, they launched Raptor v3 with a Total Supply of 650 Millions.