What Is Rangers Protocol (RPG)?

What Is Rangers Protocol (RPG)? Complete Guide Review About Rangers Protocol.

What Is Rangers Protocol (RPG)?

Rangers Protocol is a Metaverse blockchain infrastructure incubated by Mix Marvel, integrating cross-chain, NFT, EVM, and distributed network protocols and professionally
supports NFT and complex applications. Rangers serves all entrepreneurs and pioneer developers, allowing them to freely try out content creation, cross-chain operation, and application development in the Rangers Protocol ecosystem without permission.

For this purpose, Rangers has gathered a group of senior technical engineers. It took three years to develop an underlying technical solution with a clear framework and
functions. This infrastructure can provide developers and users with the simplest operation, high performance, and high applicability. From the technical point of view, Protocol is divided into two parts: Rangers Engine and Rangers Connector.

Rangers Protocol Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameRangers Protocol
Short NameRPG
Circulating Supply972,829.51 RPG
Total Supply21,000,000
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Rangers Connector

Rangers Protocol strives to enable users who read this white paper to master the essentials of Protocol in no time. Rangers Connector is responsible for completing the interconnection with various public chains, and its primary function is to provide cross-chain services for developers and users. This white paper comprehensively describes the design philosophy, methodology, and core technology of Rangers, and finally falls into the specific implementation, and uses simple and readable language to convey information as much as possible. In addition to the current piece, your team will provide independent yellow papers, developer documents, and other documents to elaborate on using Protocol.

Industry Demands

Ethereum’s mission has attracted world-class developers and formed a global community around it. Nonetheless, the world’s population cannot live in one city. The Bitcoin white paper proposes a peer-to-peer electronic cash system without
intermediates. In the past 12 years, more people have realized the value of its underlying
technology and recognized it as the next paradigm shift. Ethereum has gone a step further by launching smart contracts and a decentralized application platform. By providing an infrastructure with a built-in Turing complete programming language, anyone can create smart contracts and decentralized applications in a permission less manner.

In line with the outstanding achievements of Rangers Protocol, it has begun to fail to meet the increasing demand for decentralized applications gradually. This flaw became apparent for the first time when digital collectibles and games blocked the Ethereum network in 2017. Since then, whenever a new popular application appears on Ethereum, the network congestion problem will also occur as if scheduled. The DeFi (Decentralized Finance) boom in mid2020 and the later bull market have made the congestion problem of Ethereum extremely prominent. The gas price has soared to a record high. The users are getting exhausted when interacting with dapps on Ethereum.

The protocols and decentralized applications built around decentralized storage, computing, prediction markets, and dozens of similar concepts should potentially improve the computing industry’s efficiency fundamentally. Eventually, there should be a large number of applications that have nothing to do with money. The creators believe that Ethereum is exceptionally suitable as a fundamental layer to serve the vast number of financial and non-financial protocols that will appear in the coming years.

However, five years have passed, and people have not seen DeFi-style success in non-financial applications. The digital collectibles and gaming applications that first triggered the congestion problem can only be counted as a minority in the blockchain world. Rangers Protocol is committed to providing a blockchain infrastructure for the virtual world. Suppose Ethereum has built a financial center like New York City. In that case, Protocol’s vision is to create an entertainment and cultural center like Orlando.

Bridging and Cross-Chain Technology

Thus, digital assets can operate smoothly between Rangers and the public chain based on the concept of decentralization. For assets that pass through Protocol – whether they are public chain assets locked to Rangers or Protocol assets transferred to other public chains – Protocol has adopted a distributed signature-based consensus system and smart contracts deployed on public chains that verify distributed signatures to ensure the safety of users’ assets. Protocol has proposed a complete set of cross-chain protocols.

One of Rangers Protocol visions is to become the bridge for blockchain assets’ circulation and connect with various public chains. The cross-chain architecture of Rangers is shown in the following scheme. Rangers Connector node is the primary generating node of the cross-chain bridge. In contrast, Rangers Engine node and nodes of other public chains, such as Ethereum, are the actual bearers of cross-chain data.