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What Is Random (RNDM)? Complete Guide Review About Random.

What Is Random (RNDM)?

Random is the premium currency for Fractal Studios’ expanding ecosystem of games & dapps, as well as the primary method of purchasing packs of Lexicon. The Chaos of Cantor NFT cards. Holders also have access to your no-lock, single asset staking. Here at Fractal Studios, they want RNDM to be THE gameFi token on Fantom Opera, not only being utilized within your ecosystem but providing holders opportunities in other gaming & deFi projects in the Fantom community. Random is a token created to help fuel the Fractal Ecosystem.

Fractal intends to use RNDM to help our users keep focused on your values and mission and reach their goals by creating a vast gaming and educational platform. Your community members remain your primary focus; therefore, they have provided an unlocked-staking system and made the token transaction user-friendly with no transaction tax, a lighter contract allowing for lower gas fees, and a simple token-upgrade interface. Providing people with the means to secure their financial and educational freedom and allowing them the freedom to create is fundamentally important.

Random Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameRandom
Short NameRNDM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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Your mission informs your values and, as you will read below, is the pillar upon which Fractal is built. These values must drive the how and whys of your actions and decisions to provide your service, make a difference, and bring together every day. Applying your values allows your mission to become a reality. Fractal has created Random (RNDM) token with the intent of running an entire economy across multiple platforms built and maintained by Fractal Studios. RNDM will be the premium currency of all Fractal software and gaming operations. RNDM aims to create demand by providing in-game items and other digital loot via RNDM purchases and an incentive to stake with a minimum annual return of 12%.


As a token deployed on the Fantom Opera Network, RNDM fuels the Fractal Ecosystem, which includes DeFi and GameFi products. The unlocked-staking option allows RNDM holders to stake and withdraw their RNDM from the stake at any time. All stakeholders will receive a one percent return on a random day each month. There is also a chance of receiving an additional one percent return on random days in any given month. The contract mints the tokens in the distribution process of rewards.

Random intend to have the website up and running no later than May 1, 2021. The website will serve as a landing page for investors and interested parties to consult the details of your educational platform along with the gaming and collectible artwork branches of the project. The team will offer RNDM for purchase to investors. The team will hold the investments on the Fractal Website. The initial token price will be predetermined and remain static for the duration of the ICO. The team will put all returns from this sale towards the production of educational materials and platform development.

Lexicon: The Chaos of Cantor (Trading) May – December 2021

Random the period of late spring 2021 to late winter of 2021, Fractal will be in active development of your one-of-a-kind digital trading card game, Lexicon. Lexicon will offer that nostalgic feel of opening booster packs and finding collectible rare, legendary, and chaotic digital cards to be used for battling or trading with peers. All cards and booster packs are minted in limited quantities (including exclusive collaborations), and it will not be possible to recreate them after the original release. The team will create expansions incrementally over the lifespan of the game.

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