What Is Rakun world (RAKU)?

What Is Rakun world (RAKU)? Complete Guide Review About Rakun world.

What Is Rakun world (RAKU)?

Rakun world Platform aims to be a new ecosystem founded upon Games and Blockchain technology. Blockchain’s potential to change the world mimics the revolutionary impact of the Internet. However the extent of application for Blockchain technology has surrounded the price fluctuations of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, unfortunately leaving the general consumer without a sense of the applications of Blockchain technology.

On the other hand, within the gaming world now exists non-convertible Digital Assets called Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) which have quietly, but earnestly come to redefining how fundamental games and digital economies can function. This uniqueness of a guaranteed sword, shields, characters and more as NFTs mimics the real world concept of collateral and transactions of goods with perceived value.

The first popular NFT which took the world by storm was the Cat collecting
phenomenon, Crypto Kitties 1, which traded a single Cat NFT for a record high of $170,000 USD. It is block chain’s ability to secure ownership of digital assets of such appraised high value that gives it uniqueness and the potential to largely change the behavior of forthcoming games and players alike.

Rakun world Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameRakun world
Short NameRAKU
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply500,000,000
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Market Opportunities

Crypt-Oink is currently a Top 104 world-ranked Decentralized Application (Dapp) on the Ethereum Blockchain. According to a survey5 conducted by Dapp.com, at the beginning of 2018 only 71 Dapps had been launched, however by the end of 2018 this number increased to 1,423. It was in 2018 that the value of the Crypto-currency “Bitcoin” began to fall, however Dapps shared no correlation and instead continued strong expansion. This proves the strength, potential, anticipation of Dapps.

Benefits to the Community

Within Rakun world Platform it will become possible for users to exchange their obtained Cryptocurrency for items, starting with Crypt-Oink Items9. They plan to make RAKUN Token-based exclusivity within Crypt-Oink, where only certain items or events are possible to those holding RAKUN Token. Such a system will secure and increase the consumption and circulation of RAKUN Token.

Contributing contents

On Rakun world Platform, Users that evaluate content by writing articles, commenting, or up voting, are rewarded with the ERC-20 backed token, RAKU10. Similar to the simplicity of MyEther Wallet, even those who don’t understand the peculiarities of holding a wallet can obtain RAKU11.

On Crypt-Oink’s forthcoming official community, “Crypton Diary” intend to adopt the RAKUN Reward System. Those who contribute topics related to Crypt-Oink will be given RAKU by the RAKUN Reward System upon evaluation.


The RAKUN Token is a Crypto Asset (Utility Token) backed on the Ethereum’s
ERC20 standard. The higher the quality of contribution on content by a User, the more RAKU that User receives from the RAKUN Reward System. The upper limit of RAKU planned12 to be issued us 500 million, 150 million of which is reserved for the result pool where over the next 20 years it will be given to Users and Content Managers.

Logic associated with RAKU Distribution from the Initial Pool can be flexibly adjusted in response to utilization. After initial stability has been reached, Governance over adjustments to distribution logic will be enacted from the votes of those in possession of RAKU tokens.

Within the Rakun world Ecosystem we intend to have RAKU circulate as a common currency in not just Crypt-Oink but other games they will provide. Users whom exhibit certain behavior toward the community will acquire RAKU as a reward which can be given used to “tip” others or purchase items. Utilization of the reward system will spur on the circulation of RAKU and expand the RAKUN Ecosystem itself.

Self-expression possible

Rakun world plan on advancing the digital world by constructing a new type of communication platform where asset management, content, and users are well connected enabling various modes of self-expression possible via NFT content, transactions, and varying games. However in the initial phase of this features will be limited as to verify the effect of the RAKUN Ecosystem. As adopt user feedback plan to improve the project.

The RAKUN Platform is chiefly constructed with an Ethereum-based Private
Blockchain and an existing server system. As technology continues to develop, plan to investigate, develop, and advance the RAKUN system into a Public Chain.