What Is RailNode (TRAIN)? Complete Guide Review About RailNode.


What Is RailNode (TRAIN)?

The RailNode team wishes to remain anons out of ethics and personal choice. RailNode brings a new feature to the node protocol that allows for deeper exploration of performance optimization The group is composed of a full-stack developer, a Solidity developer, a graphic designer and a community manager. Spyyro is your spokesperson and as such he manages the community and the main communication. The idea of multi-level has been gamified to allow for faster user understanding.

The RN tokens allow to create Stations, depending on the station created, you receive a different number of NCP (Network Connection Point). With 100 NCP it is possible to connect different stations to each other to get a Network Station. Several combinations of stations are possible to obtain a Network Station. For the moment RailNode will offer 4 different types of stations, each with a different number of NCP.

RailNode Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameRailNode
Short NameTRAIN
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply20,456,743
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How Rail Node works?

RailNode is a multi-level node protocol. It works like other types of protocols but with additional subtleties. In a few words you can buy RailNode tokens to create different Stations. These station reward you daily with TRAIN tokens and give you a certain amount of NCP points. Thanks to these NCP you will be able to connect your stations to each other in order to maximize your yield. Yes, they have several security systems in place to prevent bot as much as possible.They will not disclose these measures here for obvious reasons.

Can i create several Stations at once?

Yes you can create several stations at the same time. Choose your type of station and how many you want and indicate the number you want. RailNode have added this simple yet essential feature to any node protocol to make it more user friendly. A 2% slippage is recommended to make sure you can buy without the risk of the trade failing. RailNode was launched in stealth launch on Wednesday 22 December at about 16:00 UTC. Yes, 10% is taxed and added to the liquidity to allow a more sustainable development of RailNode project.

Who is behind RailNode?

The RailNode team wishes to remain anons out of ethics and personal choice. The group is composed of a full-stack developer, a solidity developer, a graphic designer and a community manager. The Binance Smart Chain is the second blockchain with the most TVL (Total Value Locked) which proves its efficiency. It has already proven itself and shown everyone that it is robust and reliable compared to some other Layer 1.

To reduce the costs of the protocol, the TRAIN rewards are recoverable every 12 hours. You can see your rewards directly on RailNode dashboard. The liquidity pool will be locked for 6 months to provide security to investors. The proof of lock will be communicated with the contract at launch. The RailNode team has a wallet locked for 6 months containing 4% of the tokens and has access to a wallet for marketing containing 5% unlocked linearly over 3 months.

Security & Disclaimer

Like every DeFi protocol, RailNode has intrinsic and extrinsic risks. The RailNode protocol is young and it is possible that new problems will arise. That’s why two different audits will be done with Certik and Tech rate as soon as possible. In order to ensure a safe investment, they have taken care of adding anti-bot systems. A stealth launch is also a way to avoid these bots as much as possible.