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Rackeo Web Hosting Review: Every company knows that a website.

About Rackeo

Every company knows that a suitable website for the current needs of the market is as important as productivity or having an efficient staff, that’s why you have to be right when choosing your Hosting provider. A personal website can also benefit from easy handling and advanced options. Rackeo wants to be the best ally for companies and individuals, offering leading web hosting services at unbeatable prices.

If you think that to start and maintain your website you need a lot of knowledge of web hosting, don’t worry your systems allow you to install software that will make the task very easy. They put at your disposal all the web hosting services you may need domain registration, databases, easy installation of Joomla and WordPress, cPanel, unlimited web space.

Some Quick Facts Rackeo Web Hosting

RackeoBasic Details
Hosting NameRackeo
Price50% discount
Email SupportN/A
Call Support56 2266 655 14
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


The first step to enter the network is to register a domain, the most basic web hosting service. Once you have decided on the name and extension of your domain or domains, providing them with content is very simple, thanks to systems such as WordPress or Joomla, which you can also contract with, and which allow you to build professional-looking pages without programming knowledge.

Rackeo also offer additional web hosting services for your domains, such as SiteMaps creation software, which are generated periodically and automatically sent to Google, Yahoo and Bing, improving the positioning of your domains in these search engines. It is an especially useful service for websites that update content regularly. In addition, they offer you Google Apps configuration, customization of your DNS, Migration of Hosting from other providers, dedicated IPs compare with other offers and you will see that very few web hosting companies can compete.

Hosting Joomla

If you include Joomla in your web hosting plan, you’ll find that it’s easy to create professional-looking websites without any programming skills or complex design software. At Rackeo make it very easy for you hire a web hosting plan, add the additional Joomla installation service, install it on your domain (it’s very simple) and start configuring your website with a few simple controls. If you don’t feel like messing with the look of your page, you have the option of purchasing your Joomla theme pack, and then choose the one that you find most attractive and functional.

Joomla includes many options for your website flash animations, forums, blogs, surveys Joomla is an open source application, which means that it progresses very quickly and dynamically. By using Joomla hosting as part of your web hosting plan, you know that your site will never stop growing and optimizing.

Hosting WordPress

In the past, creating a web page was a complicated task, which required knowing languages ​​such as html or programs such as Dreamweaver. Now, platforms like WordPress, which is supported and fully compatible by your web hosting service, allow you to start from the simple structure of a blog to create a site with a totally professional look and functionality. Once a web hosting plan has been chosen, your clients can use hosting with WordPress for a very advantageous price that they will only pay once, even if they make changes and reinstallations.

As in Rackeo other web hosting services, you can contact your support 24/7, to consult your doubts related to WordPress hosting, such as the most optimal designs, plugins and widgets to improve the functionality of the page, options of comments, etc. Learn about your WordPress theme packs, the easiest way to professional design. Go beyond basic web hosting.

Unlimited Web Space

Rackeo enter the world of web hosting and create a page, they are interested in having a large storage space, so that never have problems keeping your texts, files, photos, etc. At leading web hosting company, they offer you more than just ample space your clients can enjoy unlimited web space in any web hosting plan they hire. This means that no matter how many files and sections you add to your website, or how large they are, you will never run out of space to store them.

Online store catalogues, blog posts, photo galleries, downloadable files all this content will benefit from the unlimited web space they offer you. This feature is especially useful for companies that serve content such as video files, due to their large size. With your unlimited web space, you can offer your clients as many files as you want. Don’t settle for web hosting companies that offer you limited capacity.


Rackeo web hosting services use MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, with phpMyAdmin Access. Currently, MySQL is the most used and popular database system in the world, very powerful and fast. It is a Linux application, but the databases it manages can be used with any operating system through specific programs such as phpMyadmin, which comes as standard in your web hosting services. In this way, you will be able to manage your databases using only the web browser.

PhpMyAdmin allows you to create tables and modify them as you like, launch SQL statements and other advanced features. PostGreSQL is an alternative database management system to MySQL, with different options, so that your clients can choose the alternative that suits them best, separating from web hosting companies that only offer one protocol.

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