What Is R34P (R34P)?

What Is R34P (R34P)? Complete Guide Review About R34P.

What Is R34P (R34P)?

Welcome to the Infinity Ecosystem, a vast and continuously evolving ecosystem of DeFi protocols & platforms across multiple blockchains, bringing new innovation to decentralized finance! R34P are excited to welcome you on this journey to unlock the true potential of decentralized finance. Join us as we advance the technological revolution in DeFi services, and lead the next generation with an all-in-one decentralized finance ecosystem, built by the people for the people, for financial freedom.

R34P continuously build and work with the community to bring new innovation to the ecosystem and industry across multiple blockchains. More regarding this vast ecosystem building the future for easier DeFi and cryptocurrency adoption can be found below.

R34P Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameR34P
Short NameR34P
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total SupplyN/A
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What is the Infinity Ecosystem?

The Infinity Ecosystem is comprised of a suite of DeFi platforms and protocols focusing on revolutionizing decentralized finance. Building a cross-chain ecosystem bringing new value and innovation into the space. Fulfilling the untapped demand with an enhanced user experience for effortless decentralized finance for all, in an all-in-one community driven DeFi ecosystem accessible to all of humanity.

An Ecosystem of DeFi protocols & platforms

R34P Infinity ecosystem is an umbrella term for a range of decentralized platforms, protocols and governance/utility token. Including the open-source Infinity Protocol, state-of-the-art Infinity Crypto decentralized exchange, companion all-in-one Infinity Wallet and Shard as the central utility & governance token across the ecosystem. As well as multiple future protocols and platforms that are planned.

Since 2018 we have primarily focused on building some of the leading platforms and protocols, bringing new technology with a range of unique features and developments focusing on making DeFi more accessible and user friendly. R34P take pride in providing some of the most professional and user friendly interfaces in the DeFi and FinTech industry.

Infinity Protocol

An open, decentralized and non-custodial automated liquidity and trading protocol, that facilitates permission-less trading without a middleman. It is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain, and coming to Ethereum, Polygon and other EVM compatible blockchains. Bringing a range of unique developments and DeFi services, focusing on building the foundation of decentralized finance.

The Infinity Protocol benefits liquidity providers allowing them to earn 0.35% of traded volume proportional to their share, as well as traders engaged in buying or selling crypto assets, by setting the price through automated market-making without the involvement of a middleman. The Infinity ecosystem is currently comprised of 3 platforms and protocols, as well as a governance and utility token used across this vast ecosystem.

Infinity Crypto

A new type of R34P decentralized finance “DeFi” platform & exchange, interfacing with a range of decentralized services on the blockchain. Infinity Crypto brings many advancements built on top of the Infinity Protocol, taking decentralized trading and finance technology to the next level, within a seamlessly designed interface. Infinity Crypto is building the future of DeFi, providing exactly what users need, with the goal to provide the best user experience, allowing for easier adoption of DeFi for everyone.

Bringing many benefits of decentralization to users, including security, transparency, permission-less and non-custodial trading, liquidity providing, earning, portfolio management, farming, staking, bridging and much more. All in a user-friendly and seamless interface geared for both novice and advanced users. R34P allows instant, non-custodial token swaps, as well as advanced decentralized trading and the ability to earn by providing liquidity without registration.