What Is Qubism? (QUB) Complete Guide Review About Qubism.

What Is Qubism? (QUB) Complete Guide Review About Qubism.

What Is Qubism(QUB)?

Qubism Coin is composed by a very professional team; in the team they have 3D designers, smart contract developers, website developers, business developers, user experience engineers and marketing experts. They aim to be the number one decentralized platform for NFT, exploring all the possible solutions to have massive user adoption, offering simplicity and great customer support! Here at Qubism they believe in the future of NFTs, the idea comes from a nearby museum while they walk in a modern art gallery, and they see very discutible art selling for millions of dollars !

They aim to be the number one decentralized platform for NFT, exploring all the possible solutions to have massive user adoption, offering simplicity and great customer support. Qubism will implement a unique feature, where you can finally show your NFTs collection in a 3D VR museum and you can directly sell your NFTs or just showing them off to the whole world. You will be able to make your own gallery using the friendly users App, without having a clue about coding skills.

Qubism Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameQubism Coin
Short NameQUB
Circulating Supply350,000,000.00 QUB
Total Supply500,000,000
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Problems in the Current NFT Market

All Qubism existent marketplaces use a not friendly interface, and all the users that just arrive in this market for the first time struggle with filters or buying and selling items. As well, if any customer makes any mistake on any decentralized marketplace they will not have any help from the customer service. Sometimes, despite decentralization, it would be more simple to give them help, to prevent any error like buying a fake item or messing up with blockchains!


Here at Qubims, they understand that prevention is better than healing. So for Qubism it is crucial to create a live communication channel and a friendly user interface to bring the percentage of mistakes very close to zero!


Qubism Coin staking function will be available at the day of the NFT marketplace launch, they reserve 20% of the supply that will be released over 4 years to all the stakeholders


In 2018 Augmented Reality technologies were introduced on the market. Most successful companies such as Apple, Facebook and Tik Tok made major investments and acquisitions increasingly aimed at implementing such technology with contents devoted to the consumer market. According to a recent forecast published by IDC, consumer industry will expand its position as the largest spender in AR and VR closely followed by Retail.

Law of the marketing

  • User experience: Your customers are the best marketers in the world. They will focus the efforts solely on the products. Qubism will grow exponentially through word-of-mouth.
  • Accessibility: Digital accessibility is important at Qubism, they will provide a multilingual platform to text-to-speech and speech-to-text for the hearing and visually impaired. Plus they will be accessible from the most important blockchain.
  • Community: Civilizations have risen and fallen based on the productivity and participation of their communities. Here at Qubism they will take extra care of the community to make it fun and profitable.
  • Partnership: Qubism will look for the best partnership to bring more users and an exponential growth of the platform.

Blockchain technology

Qubism blockchain technology has come a long way since 2008 when the Bitcoin white paper was published. Since then, an explosion of blockchain networks have been created, with a huge variety of designs and intended functionality. One of the key value propositions of blockchain technology revolves around the promise of decentralization — the ability for networks to be “owned” and run by several, sometimes thousands or even millions of stakeholders rather
than the conventional, more centralized corporate model of governance.

Token QUB use case:

The QUB token economy is built across utilities across different platforms, community and business models. The team of experts consider three big factors for economic growth.

  1. Valuable for a holder
  2. Use cases of tokens that help fuel the growth of an ecosystem.
  3. A burning system for decrease the supply

Based on the Qubism Coin research, the Qubism team decided to implement a burning system, staking, membership feature and a QUB option available for buy and sell any NFT right on the marketplace. These features will bring the value of the token to an exponential rise in price over the time.