Quarashi Ico Review: The Next Generation All In One Platform.

Quarashi Ico Review: The Next Generation All In One Platform.

About Quarashi Ico

Quarashi Network is a complete suite of solutions all in one platform focused on providing the user with full privacy and anonymity. The core elements of the Quarashi Network ecosystem are the Quarashi Privacy/Anonymity Chat, Multi Crypto Wallet & Exchange, IDO Launchpad. All of them are powered by the Network Utility Token (QUA). They doesn’t hold/store and will never ask you for information about any of your assets or private keys. The represents a total breakout for the future of user rights to privacy and data protection. Privacy shouldn’t be considered an extra feature. It is the absolute foundation and the irrevocable core upon the rest of the project is built. Next Generation All in One Platform in your Crypto Journey. They empowers the first decentralized all in one platform focused on: Privacy Chat, Decentralized Exchange, IDO Launchpad, Blockchain Interfaced Multi Crypto wallet.

Quarashi Ico Key Information

Token NameQuarashi ico
Short NameQUA
Ico Price0.018 USD
Soft CapN/A
Available For SaleN/A
Personal CapN/A
Total SupplyN/A
Token typeERC-20
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No Phone Number or Email Address Required

Most of the so-called “private” messaging apps forfeit the user’s actual privacy before the user
even starts to use them, as providing personal information during registration means that the
user’s real identity can be easily traced. Quarashi is different: the user is never, under no
circumstances asked to disclose any personal information, nor they store anything else from
the user’s device.

Self-Destructing Private Messages

Quarashi If you want to have absolute certainty that nobody but the recipient will read your message, you can choose the self-destruction option. The message will be automatically deleted from all devices after a set period of time, leaving absolutely no trace.

Hidden History

With typical privacy chat apps, someone who accesses your smartphone can read the entire
chat history. With Quarashi Network, the messaging history is hidden, and even if your device
is compromised the messages can’t be read by a third party.’

No Ads & No Trackers

Ads can compromise your privacy and anonymity by collecting data about you. That’s why
Quarashi Network contains absolutely no ads and no trackers.

No Backups

No sensitive data and personal information will ever be stored where it shouldn’t. Your data is
not copied anywhere without your knowledge. If you delete something, it’s gone. So, use this
powerful feature wisely.

Private File Sharing

Privacy must not be limited to traditional text messages. In Quarashi, all types of messages
are equally private and secure: transferring photos, videos and other files can be done 100%
privately and anonymously.

Secure Screen

In messaging apps which don’t provide full screen protection, messages can be easily
captured and the entire content of the user’s screen can be revealed to a hostile third party.
Quarashi offers a completely secure screen which cannot be captured, so the only thing you
need to protect is your password.

End-to-End Encryption (E2E)

For most messaging apps, end-to-end encryption is the only privacy-oriented feature. For
Quarashi, it’s just one of many features working together to assure full privacy. Text messages

Quarashi Multi Crypto Wallet & Exchange Mobile APP

Quarashi icoMulti Cryptocurrency and Cryptoasset Wallet solution which enables the users using Quarashi interface to safely manage, send & receive cryptocurrency, exchange with top 100 cryptos, and buy crypto using Visa/Mastercard secure. The Wallet is a 100% secure Blockchain interface solution, not just simple to understand, but easy-to-use and accessible to everyone. Your assets : private keys, funds are stored directly into the blockchain. The Platform is created to help and protect human rights, so here you control the data completely.


Initial DEX Offering (IDO) is a new form of investing in a pre-launched project for investors, and a way of raising funds by project creators/owners. IDOs are seen as the most trusted and easiest process because of how both investors and projects can participate and benefit. Project founders can access more funds from a wide range of verified communities of investors on an exchange. Investors, on the other hand, are assured of the legitimacy of the project because the exchanges do due diligence on a project as a prerequisite for listing.

The first-ever real chat app that gives you privacy

100% Anonimity

  • No phone number 
  • No E-mail required 
  • Private messages self destruct.
  • No Calls 
  • No contact access
  • No location access

100% Encrypted

  • Advanced Security Features
  • End-to-End Encryption (E2E)

100% Privacy

  • Secure screen ( Cannot be captured )
  • No ADS. No Trackers.
  • No Third Parties

100% Usability

  • Usability Quarashi Network Token (QUA)
  • Integrated Quarashi Wallet
  • Multi-mode communication

Token Allocation

  • Seed Round 2.2%
  • Private Sale: 2.8%
  • Public Sale: 35%
  • Liquidity : 10%
  • Team: 12%
  • Marketing: 18%
  • Reserves : 5%
  • Development: 15%

The Vision

The Quarashi vision is focused on total commitment, consistency and respect for its users’
privacy, data and identity. The mission is helping individuals and businesses in regaining their
rights to privacy and anonymity. Quarashi aims to be the world’s most private, most secure and most anonymous chat application providing its users with untraceable identity while sending and receiving both traditional messages as well as cryptocurrency transactions.