What Is PutinCoin (PUT)? Complete Guide Review About PutinCoin.

What Is PutinCoin (PUT)?

PutinCoin is a cryptocurrency coin created to pay tribute to the People and the President of Russia. It was created and developed with the intention of supporting the vastly growing Russian economy, the market around it and even the economy across the Russian borders. PUT cryptocurrency is decentralized and uses Proof-of-Work as well as Proof-of-Stake consensus. This combination of these features makes PUT highly flexible and profitable, and it may be a unique investment and business opportunity.

PutinCoin expressly distance ourselves from all persons, who use Put in an improper way, which might be harmful to the idealistic project of PUT. Also, they explicitly advise everybody, that he or she is self-responsible for covering his or her liabilities towards legal authorities, e.g., taxes, fees, or any other duties, which might arise from the individual use of PUT, and they recommend the consultation of a suitable tax consultant.

It was and is developed by PutinCoin as a committed and voluntary community open-source project to solely pay tribute to the People of Russia and their President, because they admire the national and economic development of Russia, which was mainly initiated and promoted by President Vladimir Vladimir Putin.

PutinCoin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NamePutinCoin
Short NamePUT
Circulating Supply1.19B PUT
Total Supply20,109,156,990
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One of the benefits of PutinCoin is, that it is very flexible and can therefore be used in several ways. The currency can be utilized by private people for personal financial operations, by organizations to run business financial operations, by traders to exchange goods and services as well as for social and open-source projects. This flexibility means that the coin is useful to practically everyone in the world.

The current infrastructure of PutinCoin includes any type of wallets, block-explores and additional services. The technology, apps and services are ready to use and can be applied by anyone in the world. They can also be accessed from anywhere on the globe. PUT never was and is no official means of payment of any country of the world, especially not of the country of Russia.


The security of the coin and its operations is highly optimized as the coin uses the Scrypt logarithm and encryptions. This is a hybrid and economic confirmation algorithm. Scrypt provides the benefits of security in the operations of the currency such as mining, transfer of coins and much more. So, when you transfer your assets into PutinCoin they are safe from hackers and robbers as the account is kept encrypted and anonymous.


Given that PutinCoin uses Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake consensus, makes it even more advantageous. Proof-of-Stake is available on any type of computer as such the customer does not require any expensive hardware furthermore it offers a 25% mining interest per year. Proof-ofWork offers improved rates of security ensuring that the money is safe, furthermore it provides encryption ensuring that only the authorized persons can gain access to the provided information.


PutinCoin is decentralized. This means that it has no central point of control where all information is gathered, no form of central management and therefore there are no points of failure, which normally exist in centralized systems. The decentralization further improves the services of PUTinCoin by making them easily accessible efficient and as such highly effective. This is because the customers can transfer, send, receive, or simply gain access to their money without having to travel to a central location to do so.


PutinCoin is developed as an open-source project since 2017 by a steadily growing fan community. At the beginning of 2021 they set up an updated and ambitious road-map to take PUTinCoin to the next level. To reward the developing team of the PUTinCoin project as well as financing the project by
marketing, airdrops, infrastructure, and early investors, they will allocate the POW-PutinCoin funds. There is no connection in whatever form between Mr. Putin and PUTinCoin or its developing community.