Pumpkin Punks

What Is Pumpkin Punks(PPUNKS)? Complete Guide Review About Pumpkin Punks.

What Is Pumpkin Punks(PPUNKS)?

Welcome to the Punkins Universe where in order to get through life, you’ve got to grow your gang into the great Punkin Patch and battle for dominance and survival. Pumpkin Punks is the ultimate game in dodgeball. Throw your head at your opponents and crush them. Use your various auras like fire or lightning to add additional damage. Play against the computer to win rewards. Buy and hodl Punkins and watch your fortunes soar as the universe grows. PUNKS token is the main in-game currency for Punkins Game. It will be used to buy different Punkins, upgrade to different aura cards and stake for rewards.

Pumpkin Punks Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NamePumpkin Punks
Short NamePPUNKS
Circulating Supply8.97B PPUNKS
Total Supply10,310,000,000
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Gameplay and Goals

The goal of the game is to attain an in-game token called PPUNKS. With PPUNKS, players can buy new Punkins, which gives them the advantage of earning more. PPUNKS is a token that can be bought and sold on cryptocurrency exchanges. You can just hold onto your PPUNKS and see your values grow. Start by going to your marketplace and minting a new Punkins character for 0.02 BNB Use your Punkins to play Punkins dodgeball against other places in the metaverse. Each game costs only a few PPUNKS token to play. Earn PPUNKS by beating your opponents or computer games.Beta game launch November 2021.

Punkins and their Abilities

Pumpkin Punks collection of 10,310 Punkins NFTs can be minted. There are currently over thousands of iterations of Punkins with some very rare combinations all hand drawn and unique in every way. Each Punkin is blessed by the Great Punkin with one of 5 auras that create additional abilities, which are Firehead, Waterhead, Lightninghead, Hardhead and Headwind. Built on the Binance Smart Chain.

Play to Earn

Pumpkin Punks was created for people to combine their competitive spirits, love for dark video games all while being able to earn huge profits. The Punkins ecosystem was built on the BSC defi platform and provides a rich gaming experience that’s strong enough to attract participants from around the world. PPUNKS is a token that can be bought and sold on cryptocurrency exchanges. You can just hold onto your PPUNKS and see your values grow.


Pumpkin Punks different battlefields for gameplay Players can bring their Punkins they bought or grew into the battlefield. Choose up to 5 Punkins in the battlefield will fight with each other to find the winning Punkins for great rewards. Game is played 1 v 1 using 5 different Punkins. In the farm, players will manage a large piece of land, players can freely grow pumpkins which will grow to become Punkins. Pumpkin Punks will be the farmers responsible for taking care of and watering the plants to grow. When the harvest season comes, which is dependent on the luck of your seeds, players can harvest the Punkins and sell it for a profit on the marketplace or use it for gameplay.

NFT Marketpatch

Pumpkin Punks Players can trade Punkins and other items on Marketpatch. This is considered an exchange of Non-Fungible Token (NFT) and Fungible Token (PPUNKS Token). NFT is considered a commodity and Punkins (PPUNKS) NFT token is a currency. The main currency used in MarketPlace is PPUNKS Token. All transactions are done using PPUNKS Token. Lead developer of Punkins. Formerly at Rockstar Games Bengaluru and before that was a developer on Diablo Charlie has a passion for leading teams, dreaming ideas and putting them into life.

Frontend Developer – She has been building games her whole life and is now happily developing NFT games. Prior she was an intern at Nintendo where she moved onto work at Microsoft Singapore. Is a database programmer and designer. Pumpkin Punks is formerly of Rockstar Games as well working under Charlie Brown. He has a masters in CS from the University of Singapore.

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