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What Is Promisetoken? (PROMISE) Complete Guide Review About Promisetoken.

What Is Promisetoken?

Promisetoken Coin is the world’s first BEP20 token based on trust. The token guarantees a continuously increasing price because everyone who holds the Promise token makes a promise to hold it for at least 15 days. Promise is a project driven by the community. This community consists of loyal people who are motivated to build a better future. Everyone in this community has one goal: to be part of this loyal and honest movement.

Promisetoken Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NamePromisetoken Coin
Short NameTLW
Circulating Supply
Total Supply170,480
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Explore The Key Features

Decentralized Casino

All Casino Games are smart contract driven and for everyone visible


Promisetoken Coin Investors can buy Promise & SLOT Tokens and stake them with the app. The goal is to enable trustworthy & fair gambling through a decentralized way


At the end of the year 2022, Promise plans to develop the decentralized online casino on the metaverse

No Deposit Theft

Deposit theft is not possible as no deposit is required to play. With the Promisetoken Coin Wallet Connect feature or with a manual deposit, the funds go directly to the smart contract without Promise being directly involved.

No Rigged Games

All Promise Casino games have their own Smart Contract, so everything is publicly viewable as to how the game is set up. This transparency gives the players complete confidence when it comes to whether our games are fair.

No Identity Theft

Promisetoken Coin has often happened that centralized online casinos misuse the personal data of their players, such as credit card details. Since Promise is decentralized, Promise is not directly involved, so no personal data has to be disclosed.

No Payout Refuses

Promise can never freeze funds from its players. All games are decentralized, so Promise does not have access to customers’ funds, as winnings are paid instantaneously to the linked or deposited wallet from the smart contract, without Promise being involved.


Do you want to be involved in Promise’s innovation? Then our Staking Feature is just right for you! Because with the staking feature you can stake your Promisetoken Coin which act as shares of Promise, and also SLOT tokens, which act as an additional payment method at Promise Online Casino. Invest in staking and get daily returns.


The Staking App will be a web3 platform that will serve as an investment opportunity for the users. First of all, they will add Promise Token to the Staking App where investors can increase their funds. In the future, SLOT tokens will also be made available for staking. The staking app is already in development and is expected to be made public in early Q1 2022.

Promise on Metaverse

Metaverse is on the rise! And Promisetoken Coin want to be part of this innovative revolution. The plan is to offer Promise Online Casino decentralized on the Metaverse by the end of 2022. They will acquire a space on the Metaverse where Promise Online Casino will be built. Thus, they want to make the online gaming experience as good as possible by allowing you to interact with other players and play together.

Optimal Gaming Experience

With the Metaverse, they offer the players an optimal gaming experience. The Metaverse allows you to build a virtual world just like it is in the physical world. So go into the Metaverse, walk around like it’s a game. Go to the place where Promise Online Casino will be in the future and play as if you were going to a casino in reality.

Payment method

Payment method to Promisetoken Coin play online casino. SLOT Tokens can be purchased and can be used as a means of payment to play the online casino. You can also stake your tokens to increase your holdings throughout app.

Fee distribution for Token

Every transaction within the Promise smart contract applies a 4% fee, meaning buy and sell orders. Out of this, 2% will be automatically distributed to Promise token holders. This serves as a reward for those people who keep the Promise the longest and support the project. The other 2% will be distributed to the liquidity pool which leads to a higher price floor of Promise Tokens.