What Is Projectpai?(PAI) Complete Guide Review About Projectpai.

What Is Projectpai?(PAI) Complete Guide Review About Projectpai.

What Is Projectpai?

Projectpai(PAI) is a cryptocurrency . Project Pai has a current supply of 1,766,196,110 with 1,563,105,308.9700427 in circulation. The last known price of Project Pai is 0.02399139 USD and is up 30.46 over the last 24 hours. It is currently trading on 9 active market(s) with $8,188,313.25 traded over the last 24 hours. They have entered a new era of artificial intelligence, where they can create intelligent avatars made from the digital profiles of the behaviors online. They call them Personal Artificial Intelligence, or PAI. Project PAI is founded on the belief that every person in the world should have their own digital avatar, one that speaks, thinks, and behaves just like their self.

Projectpai Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameProjectpai
Short NamePAI
Circulating Supply 1.56B PAI
Total Supply 1,766,196,110
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Private, Secure, Simple

Projectpai Coin Instantly send and receive PAI Coin, the native cryptocurrency of the Project PAI Blockchain, anywhere in the world. PAI Up is easy to set up and use – a six-digit pin and a paper key is all you need to join the global AI economy. PAI Up is designed with security features that help keep your PAI Coin safe and recoverable even if your phone is lost, damaged, or stolen.

PAI Up Web Wallet

Need to access your PAI Up wallet on different platforms and devices? Can’t use PAI Up on your smartphone? They got you covered with PAI Up Web Wallet. Send, receive, and manage your PAI Coin securely from all major web browsers, no installation required. 

PAI Blockchain Protocol

Projectpai As owners of the own PAI, they can manage it anywhere online. A blockchain protocol built for PAI creates a decentralized platform where PAI are stored, and interacts with decentralized applications meant for PAI-centric uses in everyday life.

A New Paradigm Of Endless Online Experience With PAI

Virtual Assistant

A PAI can perform tasks on your behalf, so you can concentrate your attentions elsewhere.


PAI comes as a medium to bridge better patient-doctor relationships and represent you in the healthcare space.

Social Networking

Projectpai Coin offers more ways to express yourself online and be present in conversations even when you are not.


PAI empowers celebrities and branded experiences to exist where they previously could not.

Proof of Stake

Proof of Stake is another popular consensus mechanism in which the miner’s probability of creating a new block is proportional to the relative volume of the stake he or she puts forth. PoS is a general concept—there are many different implementations. As an example, the stake may consist of the same cryptocurrency tokens transacted on the blockchain in question (e.g., Peercoin, Cardano), or the stake may consist of voting tickets.

Blockchain Network

Projectpai blockchain uses a forked Bitcoin codebase, and it is designed to adopt future Bitcoin security and feature patches. But PAI Blockchain possesses some key differences from Bitcoin. Implicit modifications are made to the Bitcoin message protocol which allow for references to the PAI Blockchain data storage layer. OP_RETURN is used to store data references via transaction scripts. PAI coins represent value on the network and are transmitted in a fashion similar to that of standard Bitcoin transactions. A future two-way peg event13 may allow Ethereum ERC-20 tokens and other off-chain coins to interact with the PAI Blockchain as well.


Projectpai Coin are already living through the ongoing paradigm shift known as the information economy. And now a new paradigm is emerging with the advent of useful artificial intelligence. Project PAI wants to build toward a future in which the underlying technologies of both are intertwined with the people who use them. A digital grid with clusters of information, informed by the ownership of personal data, will create a new digital frontier for us to explore together.