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What Is Project DogeX($DOGEX)?Complete Guide Review About Project DogeX.

What Is Project DogeX($DOGEX)?

Project DogeX building the first of its kind Token & NFT Ecosystem. DogeX community members will be able to access DogeX NFT’s. The NFT’s are built to positively impact the chart, and NFT holders will be rewarded with daily passive income. That’s right, daily rewards paid out just by holding the NFT, that also benefit the chart! Community members’s NFT’s will also be able to interact with each other, increasing rewards and the positive impact on the chart. Project DogeX is the world’s first BSC token that cannot return to earth. They’ve invented a ‘first of its kind’ trading mechanism that ensures coins chart is always a higher low.

Nothing can ground $DOGEX from its mission to outer space. Golden hour is a 0% buy tax hour and 48% sell tax hour. The following hour, sells will be taxed 24% then back to regular selling tax after that hour. The sliding tax was encouraged to prevent people being dumped if they capitalize on Golden Hour. It will activate at a random time between 8 PM EST and 11 PM EST, but also at random times during the day based on Project DogeX volume mechanism.

Project DogeX Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameProject DogeX
Short Name$DOGEX
Circulating SupplyN\A
Total Supply N\A
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Stairway To Space

Stairway to space is a daily higher floor mechanism that ensures Project DogeX chart forms a daily higher low. The floor price is randomly set during the day at a random time that will not be communicated with the community nor the team. The floor is no longer unbreakable but all sells below the floor will be taxed 48%. The buyback wallet will initiate pumps at random times throughout the day based on a volume mechanism.

Project DogeX’re keeping the max sell to 2% price impact per day which they will raise over time. They’ve also added a max supply of 1% per wallet to prevent one wallet holding too much of the supply. Each wallet will only be able to perform 1 sell transaction per hour. Every transaction, holders of the coins will receive tokens that were collected by the fees. This feature encourages holding – watch the amount of tokens you own grow overnight.

DOGEX Roadmap

Let’s be clear on one thing. Project DogeX are here to create sustainable growth for $DOGEX. Most developers focus on launch and neglect their project. They have exclusive, weekly marketing plans to create FOMO and hype for your project day like a domino effect. On coins roadmap below, you’ll see your plans to take the BSC world by storm.

Recommendation: n/a – Resolution Status: n/a

The backend code to check the user eligibility and to submit the migration is bug-free. Testing confirmed that the code correctly updated the maximum of snapshot balance or received token amount. Hence the snapshot check is correctly implemented, and users should receive
the correct number of tokens to their wallets.

Approve function should not be called

Project DogeX By calling the approve function, account(adr) is allowed to spend ‘amount’ number of tokens from the owner account (address). This approve function is not at all required to call the transfer function on line 75. In the transfer function, owner (address) is signing a transaction to transfer tokens from his account to adr account. Thus no approve is required in this case. Code is sending user(adr) ‘2 * amount’ equivalent of dogexV2 token.

Resolution Status: Resolved Source code updated by DogeX team

Project DogeX The migration system designed by Dogex is well written and the team appear to have carefully considered the security and functionality of their code. The Spade audit found that there was a logical error regarding calling an unnecessary approve function. There were also a few cases where best practice was overlooked. Otherwise the functions for transferring dogexV2 token, selling V1 token and adding liquidity for V2 have been implemented appropriately.
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