What Is Privcy (PRIV)?

What Is Privcy (PRIV)? Complete Guide Review About Privcy.

What Is Privcy (PRIV)?

Privcy-Core 2.0 is forked from the DASH code base. This allows our coin to take advantage of the features of DASH’s privacy, governance, and transaction speed. They have finally added the PRiVCY Send capability. Therefore, users can mix coins in their wallets for more private transactions. The TOR routing system was kept to keep user’s IPs secret adding another layer of privacy. 

Since they are using the DASH code base, there no longer is Proof of Stake rewards, however, in its place, they now have Master Nodes and Proof of Work. The Yes Power algorithm was selected because it is ASIC and GPU resistant, meaning that everyone can mine the coin with fairness.

There is an inherent risk that the technology could contain weaknesses, vulnerabilities, or bugs causing, among other things, the complete failure of the Iron Finance Protocol and/or its component parts.

Privcy Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NamePrivcy
Short NamePRIV
Circulating Supply13,272,687.45 PRIV
Total Supply22,175,970
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Own your Privacy

Privcy-Core 2.0, ticker PRIV, is a digital currency that enables instant, private payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. PRiVCY-Core 2.0 uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network. 

PRiVCY-Core 2.0 is a private secure and anonymous cryptocurrency with support for Tor routing and a native Mixing function (PRiVCYSend).  PRiVCY-Core 2.0 has a low coin supply of 12,100,000 circulating PRIV coins with a total supply of 30,000,000 PRIV coins. It features Masternodes and Proof of Work mining.


The swap was completed smoothly through StakeCube who handled the swap and is finalized. The team decided a fair and impartial 3rd party should handle this. For each Privcy one PRiVCY-Core 2.0 was given, that is an equal swap was performed. This was done to maintain a fair launch for all. The overall number of coins has remained the same at 30,000,000 PRiV.

The amount swapped was 12,091,100 PRiV this included a development fund of 250,000 PRiV. The development fund was established to help test out the new coin features to verify the functionality and stability and for future development.


Privcy core is the fundamental GUI application for our blockchain, with constant improvements and updates they’ll build your foundation. PRiVCY Coin keeps it’s macOS users up to date with it’s latest builds being compatible with macOS High Sierra, Mojave, and higher. If you need help with the MAC wallet please use this tutorial. Linux wallet is among your latest releases, feel free to download it and start using PRiV on your Linux machine.

Risks of Using Iron Finance

The purpose of this risk framework is to contribute to higher risk standards within DeFi. It will focus on the market, counterparty, and smart contract risks for the currencies utilized on the Iron Finance protocol.An effective risk management framework seeks to protect Iron Finance’s capital base and earnings without hindering growth.

Risk management enables key stakeholders to understand and respond to the risks that may affect business objectives’ effectiveness and efficiency.The use of Iron Finance involves risks. Only invest what you can afford to lose. By using this application, you acknowledge and take responsibility for the risks involved.

Contract Security

Privcy smart contracts are in the process of being audited. Please read more in the Audits page. Sometimes, following an audit, there may be updates to a smart contract. These changes will be thoroughly documented, but in the interest of risk disclosure, be aware of the audit date compared to the last time a contract was updated.