What Is PremiumBlock(PRB)?Complete Guide Review About PremiumBlock.

What Is PremiumBlock(PRB)?

PremiumBlock is a multi-chain platform that allows users to create pool and disperse cryptocurrencies within the pool addresses. Premium Block is a platform where users can create a crypto pool based on a multi-chain network and can use it to gather cryptocurrencies from pool participants. This is a one-stop tool for Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polkadot networks pool creation. The platform also offers DEX, farming, gamified staking, games, flash loan arbitrage, and governance system.

PremiumBlock Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NamePremiumBlock
Short NamePRB
Circulating SupplyN\A
Total Supply60,000,000
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KYC implementation

The platform supports KYC protection for pools. The pool creator can opt to use KYC options for a pool created for a group of users. The KYC service provider will be a top-tier service provider specialized in the blockchain field. PRB token is the premium block native governance token that gives a full advantage to token holders. PremiumBlock token holders have full rights to vote in new idea implementation and other changes within the premium block ecosystem.

Solving problem

PremiumBlock is the first platform to provide pool creation with the multi-chain network. There is no trust-able pool creation platform that gives end-user protection. Premium block gives KYC protection for individual pools created at the discretion of the pool creator. Users can participate in the pool by investing or donating crypto based on the pool’s terms and conditions. To gain trust in a platform, users except Know your Customer (KYC). Implementing KYC integration into the platform will avoid scammers and frauds that collect the pool funds and run away.

Cryptocurrency coins and tokens are very hard to distribute to multiple addresses at the same time. PremiumBlock platform will make it easy for pool creators to distribute the coin or token to pool addresses at the same time with fewer gas fees and time. Premium block platform will conduct fundraising through initial coin offering for best top-tier projects. PRB token holders will benefit more in this fundraising whose allocation will be calculated based on weight-age.

Governance token

  • Speak about it: Present your idea and put it out to the community for discussion and to get feedback on it. Community feedback through Telegram is a good venue to share your idea and get initial feedback.
  • Iterate: Based on feedback, develop an idea until you feel it is solid enough to formulate a coherent proposal.
  • Finalize the idea: While you’re getting feedback from members or when you’re ready, start formally documenting the idea. You can use your google form as a guide for how to structure your proposal.
  • Submit a draft proposal: Only PRB token holders may submit a proposal for balloting. To enter the premium Block Voting Queue, submit your proposal through form and stake a minimum of five hundred (500) PRB tokens. Instructions for submitting a draft proposal can be found here once the platform is live.
  • Support: Community members can stake against your proposal. Every month, the top 3 most supported ballots, by stake, are selected to be voted on.
  • Voting: Read up on all upcoming ballots, talk to their sponsors, and don’t forget to vote. Every PRB token holder can vote on every ballot.

Premium Block ecosystem

PremiumBlock token is the key element that fuels the premium block ecosystem. Almost 80% of the platform fees collected are used for rewarding PRB token holders through staking and liquidity providers. There are several features bringing all crypto users to one place. The MVP shows one of the features DEX with a quick selection option of most used token pairs which saves the time of selecting each token pair.

More token pairs will be enabled after frequent usage of DEX. New features like marking favorite pairs will be enabled after launching the platform. More features will be added to the platform based on PRB user’s requests through voting.

Premium Block Platform

PremiumBlock are happy to unfold the concept model of the Premium Block platform. They have designed it to be very user-friendly and understand the functions easily. This MVP unfolds many built-in features that can be accessed in one place. Here you can see the key features of the Premium Block platform with an in-depth view. They have stuffed the most wanted features of DeFi into one place. Take a look at the overview of Premium Block platform features that urges you to put your hands on.