Ico Review – Investment Market On A Verge Of Innovations. Ico Review – Investment Market On A Verge Of Innovations.

About for the first time, Investment Ecosystem is able to ensure both investments and security. With its intelligent technology approach, provides you with the tools you need, allowing you to trade and, at the same time, ensuring the safety of your investment capital.
Modern technology is rapidly changing the formats of traditional trading, automating Praem all related processes, however, none of the currently available instruments on the market is protected against emerging risks.

Praem Ico It was this exact issue with current available trading tools that led the team of analysts, inventors and developers to create+ an investment ecosystem, the mechanism of which allows us to keep the capital under the complete control. the formula for sustainability consists of a combination of technological solutions for profit generation, a unique economic growth model and a partnership that opens up opportunities for investment insurance. Capital is registered in Switzerland. They operate the business openly under the supervision of FINMA. Key Information

Starting Date06 Nov 2020
Ending Date10 Nov 2020
Token Sale Hard Cap3,000,000 USD
Token Sale Soft Cap3,000,000 USD
Token TypeERC-20
Token SymbolMYID
Initial Token Price1 ETH = 437,500 MYID
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The Game Change Team Behind Okglobalcoinsg Ico Review –  Investment Market On A Verge Of Innovations.

Automation Solutions

Trading Bots Capital’s trading bots have been specially designed by a team of experienced developers and talented mathematicians in order to trade on the foreign exchange, cryptocurrency and stock markets. They outperform human capabilities, carry out far more transactions and even process them at a higher speed, freeing trading from subjective factors inherent in people, which is based on emotional decision-making, and ensuring uninterrupted work on profit making.

Their primary task is to carry out many operations within a short period of time, identifying the direction of trend changes on the markets, determining the most advantageous time for transactions and generating profit from the praem difference between the purchase and sale prices. Bots are capable of instantly analyzing over a hundred parameters before opening a potentially profitable order.

Artificial Intelligence

Praem Ico Artificial Intelligence was created and trained to enhance trading bots’ operation and became an integral part of the ecosystem. AI analyzes social, economical, and political data holistically, makes informed decisions, and compiles valuable recommendations for trading bots. Artificial Intelligence learns on the basis of Bot reports and general Big Data, making recommendations for investments.

The integration of AI work and Bot trading is now carried out manually by a team of Praem specialists, who receive data from AI and praem enter additional settings into the Bot. The next phase of the ecosystem development with the advent of Private Blockchain, is to carry out this phase automatically and instantly.

Private Blockchain Private Blockchain is a key to investment Breakthrough. This technology ensures distributed data storage and automates operation of all ecosystem elements; it synchronizes bots’ technical skills and AI’s profound know-ledge-implementing high-profit cross-niche trading across five markets. AI employs the chain of blocks to instantly transfer data to bots and creates cascades of related transactions. Decision-making is now bias-free. The blockchain optimizes human resources and cuts financial and managerial risks close to zero. Bots and algorithms based on their own logic, create blocks in a chain where data regarding a particular position is located.

AI analyses and verifies block transactions and connects them in chains to synchronise all the data. Without Blockchain bots and algorithms, decisions are made based on a set of parameters of trading aggressiveness and risks themselves. However, thanks to the full synchronisation of tools and the distribution of data to the Blockchain, bots and algorithms will instantly receive recommendations from AI, constantly improving their performance.

Secure investment Concept technologies power the ecosystem and reduce risks, while trading dip insurance provides investors with a higher capital security. In 2019 Capital entered an exclusive partnership with a Hedge fund, based in Luxembourg. In case of a high dip, investors’ trading balances will be topped up with 50-100% of the funds in order to continue carrying out profitable orders. Once the covered dip returns back to its normal level, the funds are automatically returned

Project Business Model: How income and profit are generated

Praem Ico Investor profit comprises the PRM token growth and interest on the financial instrument-generated income. The Token Price depends on total capitalization that is composed of transaction excess profit and AI market value. The more transactions the bots execute, the more data AI acquires for further learning. Improving its IQ, it gains the market value.

Praem Profitability Model consists of two parts and 3 participants:

  1. 1. Interest-based income for investors (depends on the investment plan).
  2. 2. Excess profit (everything above guaranteed interest-based income).

Excess profit is evenly distributed between Capital and the hedge fund.