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Powerhost Web Hosting Review: Security, Speed ​​and Power.

About Powerhost

Powerhost offers professional and powerful Cpanel Linux and Windows hosting packages, as well as Reseller Hosting packages. Your VPS Servers are of proven quality and at the best prices! All have unlimited traffic, gigabit connectivity and DDOS protection. They offer a wide variety of rented servers, both in Bulgaria and abroad, all with unlimited traffic and gigabit connectivity. Meta Factory undertakes no obligation to update these forward looking statements for events or circumstances that occur subsequent to such dates or to update or keep current any of the information contained herein.

The Recipient should not place undue reliance upon forward looking statements. Any estimates or projections as to events that may occur in the future (including projections of revenue, expense, net income and performance) are based upon the best judgment of Meta Factory from information available as of the date of this document. This material must not be copied, reproduced, distributed or passed to others at any time, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of Meta Factory.

Powerhost is no guarantee that any of these estimates or projections will be achieved. Actual results will vary from the projections and such variations may be material. Nothing contained herein is, or shall be relied upon as, a promise or representation as to the past or future. Meta Factory, its affiliates, directors, employees and/or agents expressly disclaim any and all liability relating or resulting from the use of all or any part of this document or any of the information contained herein.

Some Quick Facts Powerhost Web Hosting

PowerhostBasic Details
Hosting NamePowerhost
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Powerhost Price


Powerhost NFTs consist of collections of NFTs rolled out by famous football players. Each NFT has a different rarity and is curated by the footballer. The rarer an NFT, the higher it will be priced at by the seller of the NFT. Initially, members of the F11 platform will need to whitelist themselves for a particular collection and post payment, they will be allocated a random NFT whereby the NFT is not revealed yet. Post launch, they’ll be able to discover what their NFTs are. To increase their chances of winning the rare pieces, they will need to purchase more hidden NFT cards. NFTs transform digital and physical works and other collectibles into one-of-a-kind, verifiable assets that are easy to trade on the blockchain.

By holding one of the NFTs curated by your favourite footballer, you have the bragging right of being the sole owner and enjoy the perks that come together with the NFT. Make sure to be the first to grab those NFTs at release since Powerhost got a lot of fans dying out there waiting to grab that much sought digital image or t-shirt of your football stars!Be ready to experience and cherish a panorama of NFTs including: 1) Superfan badges 2) Iconic player moments 3) Portraits of legendary club members 4) Portraits of footballers 5) Football boots of footballers & 6) Jerseys of Footballers.

Become a Legend

Become a legend by just swiping through the app and voting on the winner of a match or whether the confrontation will end in a draw. Players simply need to use their $F11 token to vote on the platform. The Powerhost app allows you the embrace the Vote-to-earn concept. Stand the chance to win NFTs and cash prizes by simply tapping on the outcome of a match – “Win” or “Draw”.

All this can be done by simply login into the app and swiping through the fixtures of various matches and voting prior to the start of the match. While it is free to view the fixtures,live scores and news, voters will need to pay a fee in order to vote on the outcome of a match. F11 will be the go to destination for the latest football scores and news happening around the world.Users will need to sign up for an account on the app to have access to this information.

Blockchain Company

Founded by Brandon Chez in May 2013, Powerhost has quickly grown to become the most trusted source by users, institutions, and media for comparing thousands of cryptoassets and is commonly cited by CNBC, Bloomberg, and other major news outlets. (Even the U.S. government uses CoinMarketCap’s data for research and reports!) In April 2020, CoinMarketCap was acquired by Binance Capital Mgmt. Binance is the global blockchain company behind the world’s largest digital asset exchange by trading volume and users, which shares the common vision of making crypto accessible and systemically important to people all around the world.

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