What Is PotCoin (POT)? Complete Guide Review About PotCoin.

What Is PotCoin (POT)?

PotCoin initial plan was to create a decentralized open source network to facilitate the transition of the legal cannabis industry into the digital age and so, on January 21, 2014, news was released publicly and the world started mining and supporting the network. By 2015, several companies in the Pot community had made exclusive ATM (pATM) machines and placed them in several dispensaries in Colorado, making Pot one of the first crypto-centric decentralized organizations in history to have an exclusive interface with the public.

While this was solving existential problems for dispensary owners, it quickly became evident that the general public wasn’t ready. The cryptocurrency industry hadn’t broken into the mainstream yet and customer behavior was still solidly anchored in cash payment. PotCoin Is a Proof of Work cryptocurrency, that was created much like Bitcoin was. Our first block was mined on January 15th 2014, simultaneously making Pot (Ᵽ) the very first industry-specific cryptocurrency; and marking the first use of blockchain within the cannabis/hemp & agriculture sectors.

PotCoin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NamePotCoin
Short NamePOT
Circulating Supply227,387,124.38 POT
Total Supply227,387,124
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The Future of the Cannabis Industry Starts Here

PotCoin provides blockchain payment technology and ecosystem solutions to empower the Cannabis Industry. Since 2014, Pot has been at the forefront of the financial, structural and ideological revolution the has shaped the global cannabis industry as know it. Community has always been at the core of the Pot Network and will forever remain its biggest strength and asset.

Unparalleled Customer Loyalty

Thank your customers with a custom reward and loyalty program. Increase customer spend, driver referrals, and keep them coming back over and over again. PotCoin network and community are all about growing and helping each other grow and connect. Deploying effective solutions to big and complex problems in an industry that has been facing an uphill battle since birth.

Access to a financial network

Get paid quickly, electronically and with little to no fees from anywhere in the world – as it should be. The PotCoin Network connects you to partners who will help you accept and make electronic payment, lower your security risk of carrying absurd amounts of cash. Integrate with the Pot Network as much or as little as you want based on the solutions that you and your business needs. The Pot Network is available and accessible from anywhere in the world.

The Future of Supply Chain

The legal market is full of regulations, compliance and other complexities. Get ahead of the game and make seed-to-sale tracking an automated compliance task through a time-stamped, open-source and audit-able blockchain so you can focus on growing your business. The PotCoin Network is among-st the most distributed networks in the distributed ledger space. Transparency is the foundation of the Pot Network since 2014 and is open for innovations to build on and using your code.


The future of the cannabis supply chain is open, works in real-time, 24/7, and gives customers the data and transparency they demand. Turn a cash-based, archaic and opaque process into the supply chain of the future with a seed-to-sale on the PotCoin Network. PotCoin Track and certify the origin of your supply, automate boring compliance tasks, and allow for open-source and transparent real-time auditing directly on-chain.

Cashback Shopping Network

Grow your business and drive traffic to your store or earn free PotCoin each time you spend at your favourite stores. Thie PotCoin Shopping Network brings affiliate marketing to the PotCoin Network. Launching in Q3 2021. Launching in the future, the PotCoin Network P2P Marketplace will be the go-to venue for the cannabis industry. More information on the marketplace coming soon.