Polytrade Finance Ico Review: Is Legit Or Scam Ico

Polytrade Finance Ico Review: Is Legit Or Scam Ico

About Polytrade

POLYTRADE works on DeFi, a without boundaries financing infrastructure that turns the possession of real-international belongings (“Receivables”) into virtual tokens POLYTRADE allows harnessing the huge crypto liquidity pool and addresses the distance in receivables financing through offering SMEs a brand new supply of investment presents a secure funding possibility for Crypto buyers to sweat their crypto belongings in real-international commercial enterprise use cases.

Polytrade Ico bridges the gaps in conventional receivables financing through gaining access to untapped crypto liquidity. By onboarding on Polytrade, everyone gains! Is A Decentralized Trade Finance Platform That Aims To Transform Receivables Financing.

It Will Connect Buyers, Sellers, Insurers, And Investors For A Seamless Receivables Financing Experience And Help Users Avoid Existing Market Challenges Using Its Platform Solutions. Polytrade Will Provide Real-World Borrowers Access To Low Interest And Swift Financing To Free Up Critical Working Capital Tapped From Crypto Lenders.

POLYTRADE Ico Key Information

Token TypeUtility-token
Token StandardERC20
Team 17%
Block chain Platform Ethererum, Matic
Ico Token Price 1 TRADE = 0.15 USD
Total Supply100,000,000 TRADE
Total token100,000,000
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

How it Works

Polytrade Ico enables smart receivables financing by bringing together finance providers and SMEs on a single platform. The underlying real-world asset or the “Receivable” is represented by an invoice that gets converted to a digital token and becomes investible for crypto investors.

Shaping the future of Trade Finance

Polytrade Ico brings safe and insurance backed real world assets to crypto world. They will provide real world borrowers access to low interest and swift financing to free up critical working capital, tapped from crypto lenders.

Tokenizing Real-World Invoices

POLYTRADE works on DeFi, a borderless financing infrastructure that turns the ownership of real-world assets (“Receivables”) into digital tokens.

Harnessing Crypto Liquidity Pool

Polytrade Ico enables harnessing the massive crypto liquidity pool and addresses the gap in receivables financing by providing SMEs a new source of funding.

Offering Safe insurance backed investments to Crypto Investors

They provides a safe investment opportunity for Crypto investors to sweat their crypto assets in real-world business use cases.

Why Polytrade?

Polytrade Review bridges the gaps in traditional receivables financing by accessing untapped crypto liquidity. By onboarding on , everybody gains!

  1. Timely payments for sellers
  2. Streamlined credit facility for buyers
  3. Interest payments to crypto investors with insured and safe investment in real-world assets

Receivables/Invoice Finance

The most secured form of trade finance where open account trade invoices are secured by insurance and assigned to a platform for collection when due. It provides early liquidity to exporters and a secured short-term liquid asset to investors/lenders.

Off-Balance Sheet Lending

When structured properly, selective receivables finance stays off a company’s balance sheet. It has no impact on outstanding loans or future requirements for lines of credit and similar funding.

Option to Prioritize Receivables

Companies can choose the receivables they want to submit for early payment rather than offer up their entire rolling book of receivables. As a result, they can better control their financing costs.

Flexibility of Participation

Selective receivables finance allows companies to participate only when needed. This helps businesses facing seasonal demand or during periods of economic volatility.

Ability to Tap Multiple Funding Sources

Unlike other options, selective receivables finance allows companies to incorporate multiple funders into a program. This reduces the risks inherent in relying on a single financial institution.

More Favorable Pricing

By incorporating multiple funding sources, selective receivables finance enables price competition.

Key Benefits

For Sellers

No Restrictions on Ticket Size

Unlike traditional financing options, the platform can finance even small-sized invoices.

Low-cost Financing

The platform aims to minimize the cost of finance by removing intermediaries from the chain.

Quick Turnaround

Polytrade Ico Highly active and capable governance facilitates a quick turnaround and reduces processing times to a minimum.

For Investors

Easy Access to Trade Finance

Invest in a centuries-old asset class without getting into its nuisances.

Monetize Idle Credit Lines

Polytrade Ico Earn attractive returns by directly investing in a large number of invoices from businesses spread across diverse industry sectors.

Secured Platform

A secured blockchain-based platform offering best-in-class security to investors.


Polytrade Finance Ico Review: Is Legit Or Scam Ico
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