PolyGamma Finance

What Is PolyGamma Finance (GAMMA)? Complete Guide Review About PolyGamma Finance.

What Is PolyGamma Finance (GAMMA)?

PolyGamma Finance is the 3rd layer (L3) of PolyAlpha Finance and 4th layer (L4) of PolygonFarm’s community-led stable-yield farming protocol established exclusively on the Polygon ecosystem. A next generation decentralized stable-yield aggregating farm on Polygon. 10% of GAMMA’s token emission rate commission will be minted and sent to the dev wallet. If required they will sell small part of this dev wallet tokens to cover marketing, Infrastructure, dve salaries expenses, any GAMMA tokens remaining in the dev wallet will mostly be sent to the burn address.

PolyGamma Finance Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NamePolyGamma Finance
Short NameGAMMA
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply3,500
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High Security

At PolyGamma Finance, the security of your investors’ funds is of upmost priority. They believe it is a dev team’s responsibility to perform all due-diligence, remain vigilant & proactive, and not cut any corners on security. Thus they will be undergoing full audits by two of the industry leading blockchain security auditor Paladin. Furthermore, the admin will again complete the KYC certification process with the RugDoc Team.

Auto GAMMA Vault

On Auto GAMMA Vault users can stake GAMMA token which automatically compounds your earnings and i will help users to earn more GAMMA token.Auto GAMMA Vault compounding done through bounty progress.This bounty progress give opportunity to any users to compound the GAMMA for all users and for doing that that users will earn a % of GAMMA for free.

Token and Farm Launch

PolyGamma Finance will announce about GAMMA token contract before the token launch so that everyone has the same information and have to equal change to buy the token at launch.For safety, they are requesting coins community members not to buy any tokens and wait until this coins announce the actual GAMMA token address on your Telegram group and Twitter. They will launch token by adding liquidity on 25th October ( Expected time UTC 8.00 – UTC 16.00) they will announce again on your Telegram before adding liquidity

Staking Pools

Alternatively, PolyGamma community members can stake farm tokens from partners, well-established blue-chip cryptocurrencies, and/or stable coins in this coins yield optimized single-stake pools. Single-staking pools are a popular & relatively safe way to invest in the DeFi as this method does not expose investors to the risks involving impermanent loss.

In PolyGamma Finance single-stake pools, a company incorporate a similar strategy as your farms with slightly tweaked parameters to, again, help ensure your community members get some of the best competitive and best APRs available, investing in single-staking pools on Polygon’s ecosystem. The goal is to establish APR/APY rigidity at higher rates for longer durations of time to help assist our community members to maximize their earnings.

Auto-Farm Vaults

PolyGamma Finance Auto-Farm Vaults will auto-compound your choice of either individual GAMMA tokens and/or GAMMA LP tokens. The goal is to provide your investors the flexibility to enjoy the activities in their every day lives without the dark burden of manually compounding constantly hovering around.

PolyGamma will also be offering dividend pools in which community members can stake their GAMMA tokens to earn their favorite non-native tokens, popular. A crypto-currencies, and stable coins! In this auto-GAMMA vault, users will be able to stake GAMMA tokens which will be compounded many times everyday to generate higher Yiels/APRs.

What do vaults do and who are they for?

Vaults will automatically compound your GAMMA LP tokens and/or GAMMA tokens. This allows PolyGamma Finance community members to enjoy their lives without having the dark burden of compounding manually constantly hang over them. Auto-compounding are often preferred by investors who are unable to constantly monitor their yield farm investments for days at a time.

Mitigating risk from the native token losing value

In tradition yield farms without dividend pools, investors are frequently racing to sell their native token rewards before its value converges to $0. Not only is it psychologically arduous for investors to watch their hard earn rewards lose value, the consistent selling pressure only further exacerbates and accelerates the problem.

PolyGamma Finance make it worse, the constant selling pressure is also detrimental to the overall health of the farm. With dividend pools, your harvested rewards will essentially be independent from the price of the native token. If the dividends are rewarded in the form of stable coins, then your rewards post-harvest will never lose value (assuming the peg holds).