What Is Plunge (PLG)? Complete Guide Review About Plunge.


What Is Plunge (PLG)?

Plunge Pad is the first and the fairest platform for launching projects on Arbitrum. They are not only the first launchpad for Arbitrum, but also the first launchpad to offer a guaranteed allocation to each token holder in the IDO. Plungepad’s decentralized and interoperable platform will enable the launch of carefully vetted projects on the Arbitrum platform to raise capital and drive initial liquidity.

In contrast to other platforms, there is no minimum $PLG staking requirement. You can stake as little as one token and you will receive a guaranteed proportionate allocation in the IDOs on the platform. Arbitrum is more than just a launchpad, Plunge are a full-fledged platform for the arbitrum ecosystem. They are building cross-chain bridges and are developing a native DEX to support Arbitrum.

Plunge Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NamePlunge
Short NamePLG
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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Main Features

  • The first launchpad on Arbitrum -Low transaction fees, faster confirmation
  • Every token holder gets a guaranteed allocation -Fair and simple
  • Whale-proof -Investments are capped at 1%
  • A robust vetting process and anti-scam protection
  • Staking, vaults, and fully decentralised -DAO governance
  • Cross-chain Swap
  • Arbitrum native Dex,

Guaranteed Allocation: How Does It Work?

Launchpads are becoming increasingly complicated and expensive; it’s difficult to know which tier will receive a guaranteed allocation and how much money one will need to lock-in. Plunge Pad is as simple of a launch pad as it gets. There are three tiers, and each tier has a guaranteed allocation. Rather than rely on luck, lotteries, or bots, west rive to provide guaranteed allocation to all Plunge token holders. Participants who have completed the white-list tasks and submitted the white-list verification form will receive token allocations based on the 3 Tiers mentioned previously.

What is Plunge revenue model? How do ensure sustainability?

Unlike other decentralized platforms, Plunge Pad is free to use and projects which do not meet their soft cap won’t be charged fees. Once the project reaches its soft cap, it will impose a service fee of 5-10%. This fee will be used exclusively for the community and the platform that is detailed below:10% will be allocated to marketing 20%for future development 40% will be allocated to the Plunge Pad DAO reserves 10%used for PLG token buy backs 20% to current token holders as rewards.


For users to participate in the IDO funding raising, they must own the PLG token. Plunge will reward holders for their participation in the community through as taking reward mechanism. The Plunge token(PLG) has no monetary value; it facilitates the platform’s operation. In the governance process of the platform, one PLG token represents a vote.

The more tokens you hold, the more voting power and influence you have over proposals. With staking in place, holders can earn rewards consistently. Unlocked/ vested tokens will be automatically staked, generating rewards and allowing participation in IDOs. PLG will also be used as the native token for Plunge Pad Arbitrum DEX.

Team and advisors

Plunge Pad has been developed by DeFi & Blockchain enthusiasts, computer engineers, and asset management finance professionals. They are an experienced and trustworthy team that has developed multiple blockchain and Defi-related projects over the past years. This team has more than 20 years of combined blockchain experience. They have a team of solidity developers, web 3 developers, front end developers, and back end developers who have successfully launched projects with a market cap in the millions and thousands of transactions in a daily volume.

Having strong relationships with venture capitalists and investment funds, Plunge have exclusive access to upcoming projects interested in launching a public token sale. They have a fantastic network of crypto influence’s who have a combined reach of more than a million followers. They are backed by some excellent VCs and have public advisors who are well respected in the space.