What Is Planet (GAMMA)? Complete Guide Review About Planet.

What Is Planet (GAMMA)?

This green Planet will outline the new decentralized lending and credit protocol known as the Green and the new utility token GAMMA. The lending and credit protocol will algorithmic-ally set interest rates based on supply and demand of over-collateralized cryptocurrencies and stable coins operating on
the Binance Smart Chain[1]. The GAMMA utility token will serve as an incentive for users to supply and borrow assets on the Green as well as offer a discount to platform fees by holding and staking the GAMMA token.

The Green lending and credit protocol is designed to be a complete decentralized money market that compliments the existing Planet Finance DeFi ecosystem. The protocol was originally forked using Compound[2] and synced with the GAMMA utility token for algorithmic discounts to be automatically applied for both lenders and borrowers who hold and stake GAMMA.

Planet Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NamePlanet
Short NameGAMMA
Circulating Supply14,190,190.00 GAMMA
Total Supply100,000,000
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No complete DeFi ecosystem currently exists that encompasses an AMM, an aggregator and a money market in one. Users with various DeFi strategies currently need to use multiple protocols with difficult user journeys, over complicating the process, particularly for new users to DeFi.

Currently the tokens used to incentive users to DeFi money markets offer tokens with little to no utility. In Centralized Finance (CeFi) protocols such as[3], Nexo[4], Celsius[5] or the Binance CEX[6], the native platform token is used to offer either discounts to fees or increased interest rates.


The GAMMA utility token will offer discount levels to both suppliers (increased lending APY) and borrowers (decreased borrowing APY) when staked on Planet Finance. This will give utility to the GAMMA token from day one as users look to increase their APY’s through staking more GAMMA. The Green Lending protocol will complement the Finance ecosystem.

Users will be able to swap assets, make liquidity pools, stake assets, supply assets and borrow assets all in the one protocol. This will simplify the user experience allowing users to connect their wallet to one protocol (Planet Finance) with the highest utility of all DeFi protocols in one application.

GAMMA Utility Token

The Green utility token GAMMA will initially be airdropped to all AQUA holders at a rate of 50:1. After the airdrop and when the Green Planet is live it will be released at a rate of 100,000 GAMMA per day until 100,000,000 has been distributed. The 100,000 GAMMA released per day will be distributed in the
channels below:

  1. Green Planet Lending Protocol: 45,000 per day. For Borrowers
    and Lenders.
  2. Blue/Red/Uranus Vaults: 41,500 per day. For liquidity providers
    in vaults across the planets.
  3. Planet Finance Foundation: 10,000 per day.
  4. Affiliates: 2,500 per day.
  5. NFT Platform: 1,000 per day.

GAMMA Utility on the Green Planet

The Green Planet will regularly calculate users stake ratio in USD terms, whereby the stake percentage ratio will apply one of four discount rates: 0%, 5%, 20% and 50%. These discount rates will be calculated and applied to every block the user is supplying and or borrowing assets on the Green Planet. This discount rate will then be deducted from the interest rate curve model to boost yields when staking (normal supply interest rate + discount rate) and decreasing lending rates when borrowing assets (normal borrow interest rate – discount rate).

Green Planet Protocol

The Green Planet protocol is a decentralized lending and credit market that uses the Binance Smart Chain. The protocol holds pooled assets with algorithmically derived interest rates based on market supply and demand. This model ensures there is no counterparty risk, no maturity risk and no negotiations required. All transactions are recorded on the publicly transparent ledger enabling users to inspect all current and past transactions and interest rates.