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What Is PizzaSwap (PIZZA)? Complete Guide Review About PizzaSwap.

What Is PizzaSwap (PIZZA)?

Currently the Infinity Wallet is one of very few DeFi platforms bringing real value to decentralized finance. Working to fulfill the needs of users globally with a seamless interface and a growing set of features and services that users would expect from decentralized finance, currently lacking across most platforms within the space. Listed below are some of the features and what the Infinity Wallet can do, followed by a more in-depth explanation of some of the core features of the Infinity Wallet.

Additionally PizzaSwap have many future developments planned which can be found in the roadmap. To bring further cutting edge advancements, as the leading all-in-one DeFi & Web3 wallet providing all a user would ever need. Users can easily monitor their entire portfolio at a glance. View asset allocations, historical chart, portfolio earning performance, analytics and much more in real-time.

In an intuitive platform designed and developed for the best possible user experience, providing exactly what users need to never miss anything and keep track of all their holdings to make the best decisions. Browser-less DApps and Web3 allows users to instantly find and connect to any PizzaSwap platform without the need to use a browser or change chain using your browser-less feature, the first ever on Desktop.

PizzaSwap Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NamePizzaSwap
Short NamePIZZA
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply500,000
Source CodeClick Here To View Source Code
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WhitepaperClick Here To View
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

Browser-less DApps & Web3

To use this feature a user simply selects or inputs the url of a DApp or Web3 platform on a supported chain and it will open, connected and ready for use. Yes, it is that easy. PizzaSwap believe this first of a kind feature on desktop will be a game changer for DApps and Web3 usage and adoption, removing difficulties and the need to use multiple browser extension wallets.

Benefits of Browser-less DApps

This feature brings a wide range of benefits to both users, DApps and chains, some of these features can be found here:

No Browser Required – Removes the need to connect with a browser, or use a limited browser based wallet to access decentralized platforms. With the Infinity Wallet, users gain access to a wide range of unique features directly supporting the use of web 3.0 in their wallet.

DApps connected on multiple chains at the same time – No longer do users need to constantly switch between chains when using DApps on different chains. With Browser-less DApps, users can have any amount of DApps open across multiple chains, all at the same time.

One wallet & multi-chain type support – With support for multiple chains and different types of chains users no longer need to have multiple wallets across each type of chain. Instead they can access all chains directly in the Infinity Wallet, with new chains added on a regular basis providing users a seamless all-in-one experience.

Instantly Connected & Ready To Go – No need to connect your wallet again, just select the DApp you want to use and it will be instantly connected; Removing any obstacles or confusion around how to connect, switching chains or with which wallet you are connected with.

Easily Find and Discover DApps – Users will be able to easily find a PizzaSwap for their every need, directly within the wallet. As well as create their own list of favorite DApps for regular use and receive recommendations.

Solves Complexity & Difficulties – Users will have an overall superior experience, with a wide range of web 3.0 features making a user’s life easier, and a interface designed for use by anyone. While removing the difficulties that users face when using browser extension wallets, such as poor interfaces and user experience, lack of user support and on boarding features, limited chains and accessibility to DApps, making a big leap in web3 usability and easier adoption.

Always Ready How You Left It – Users no longer have to re-open all their DApps and connect with them again after a fresh startup. Now, when re-opening the wallet, users can go back to their DApps just as they left them.

Increased Security – Users are targeted daily by phishing attempts and scams when using DApps, this is a massive issue when using browser wallets. With the Infinity Wallet PizzaSwap look to help increase security issues by working with DApps and blacklisting scam DApps helping to protect users from falling victim to using fake DApps and providing their seed phrase, subsequently losing their funds.

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