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What Is PieDAO Balanced Crypto Pie(BCP) Coin Review ? Complete Guide Review About PieDAO Balanced Crypto Pie

What Is PieDAO Balanced Crypto Pie(BCP) Coin Review ?

PieDAO is a community DAO focused on tokenising automated wealth creation strategies. The DAO’s first line of products are Balancer Smart Pools, constant weight index funds, PieVaults, yield-generating tokenized portfolio allocations with productive assets, and The Oven, a system that allows users to save gas on expensive transactions by batching them together. is a community DAO focused on tokenising automated wealth creation strategies. The DAO’S first line of products are called Pies, yield-generating tokenized portfolio allocations.

PieDAO (BCP) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NamePieDAO
Short NameBCP
Circulating SupplyN/A
Max Supply150,000,000
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PieDAO The most risk-minimised cryptocurrency portfolio, Balanced Crypto Pie is all you need. BCP gives equal Bitcoin, Ether, and DeFi exposure in one easy to access ERC20 token. The underlying assets in BCP are constantly taking profits and growing your holdings as it automatically rebalances to maintain the set allocation.


PieDAO BCP is the result of months of community effort to provide a complete and risk-reduced cryptocurrency portfolio. They wanted to make a product for anyone who believes in the future of open finance, a diversified index of the most core permission less digital assets.

BCP achieves this as an equal balance between the established market leader (BTC), the backbone asset of smart-contract infrastructure (ETH), and a basket of the most innovative permissionless tools revolutionizing finance (DEFI++).

PieDAO Bitcoin and Ether are the clear market leaders at the top of their respective games, each with their own individual merits and long history of success. DeFi is a relatively new phenomenon, a broad ecosystem of projects transforming finance. With BCP it’s now possible to easily gain balanced, risk-minimized exposure to all three asset groups.


The PieDAO community came to the consensus that BTC, ETH, and DEFI are the most valuable sectors of the cryptocurrency industry. As a community decided that the true balanced crypto portfolio would evenly spread exposure across these three asset groups. BCP is therefore composed of an even 33.33% distribution between BTC, ETH, and DEFI++.

DEFI++ is most diversified DEFI index, following a weight-based methodology, with higher allocation given to larger market cap assets. This is done in order to maximise the scalability of the pies, without the low liquidity of low cap (but high potential) assets becoming a bottleneck.


PieDAO BCP is constructed using a Balancer smart pool, automatically rebalancing to maintain the set allocation as market prices fluctuate. In this way the system constantly locks in profits and grows the underlying holdings.

A user can easily issue BCP tokens with ETH (sourcing the tokens from Uniswap and other markets) or with the underlying assets in their wallet. In this way BCP tokens are fully backed by the assets they represent, safely stored in non-custodial treasury and instantly redeemable at any time.


PieDAO Guide to interacting with the staking smart contracts Only EOAs and whitelisted addresses can call the function deposit By Months function on the Shares Time Lock contract. A sufficient approval and balance for the deposit Token specified in the contract is needed. The amount locked and the time for the lock needs to be greater or equal to min Lock Amount and min Lock Duration . The deposit can revert if emergency Unlock Triggered is true.

A new governance Model

DOUGH is the basic element to start your journey and be part of the PieDAO family. If you stake DOUGH for a minimum of 6 months, you get in exchange veDOUGH, PieDAO’s governance token. With veDOUGH you can help the community steer the destiny of the DAO and its products, make proposals, vote on issues while being compensated for your commitment and effort. In fact PieDAO redistributes 60% of the revenues generated by its products and treasury management to active community members, proportionally to the amount of veDOUGH they hold.