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What Is Phuture DeFi Index(PDI)? Complete Guide & Review About Phuture DeFi Index

What Is Phuture DeFi Index(PDI)?

The Phuture DeFi Index (PDI) offers exposure to the top crypto assets in the decentralized finance sector by market capitalization. The assets in this index are part of the Ethereum ecosystem. The sector has seen exponential growth in recent years, and the following ones will mark an exciting adoption cycle by individual as well as institutional investors. PDI acts as a key element to any portfolio seeking to capture the next chapter of DeFi growth.

Founded in 2019 by previous crypto Venture Capital investors, Charles Storry, Oliver Mehr and technologist Alex Melnichuk, the leadership team has extensive experience in the crypto space as well as the traditional financial markets. Phuture has raised $3.75 million across its seed rounds with investment from Ascensive Assets and other crypto funds and angel investors such as the CEO of and Quantstamp.

Phuture DeFi Index Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NamePhuture DeFi Index
Short NamePDI
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1,597
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How we’re different

Phuture Index funds are accessible globally to anyone with an internet connection. Our index funds provide themed exposure to crypto assets, making them perfect for investors looking to upgrade their crypto investment strategy. Once set, the index strategy is managed by code and remains unchanged, in perpetuity. They take meticulous care in adding each and every asset into our index funds – belief is to create lasting value, not short term hype.

Target audience

Phuture DeFi Index Coin is initially catering to individual investors with intermediate experience. These investors most likely hold BTC and ETH, but aim to get exposure well beyond the top two assets in crypto. The ambition doesn’t stop there, they are also expanding our offering to cater for institutional investors as well.

The Phuture crypto index platform

The crypto index platform provides the ability to manage capital, by using smart contracts to implement different investment strategies. This technology is used to power the crypto index funds.

Each index is managed within a vault, where the underlying assets are held. The vault enables rebalancing between assets, and can also utilise additional strategies to improve returns and influence the index’s risk profile.

There’s a better way to invest in crypto.

Ride the trends, not the extremes

Phuture DeFi Index Soften volatility without giving up returns. Indices tend to perform better than individual assets in the long run.

Invest in themes

Leave the cherry picking behind. They group the space into themes and evaluate the best projects so you don’t have to.

Stay disciplined

Discipline beats timing the market. If you believe the crypto market will grow – set the strategy, invest and forget.

Save time

Tracking the market requires time and keen-eyes. Phuture DeFi Index funds were built to follow the market so you can blink again.

Automate rebalancing

The index funds are managed by the protocol, in perpetuity. Once set, they are unchanged; no one touches the strategy.

Avoid gas fees

Phuture DeFi Index funds are gas-efficient. Get exposure without paying gas for every single asset within.

The Phuture community

We’re on a mission to provide simple crypto exposure to all investors, from small to large. Join and participate in this mission. They believe that every great product has a strong community behind it. That’s why at Phuture, we’re always looking for talented individuals to join the community. They believe in encouraging active participation, which helps us achieve shared mission.

They also see the community as the best advocates of Phuture DeFi Index products. This organic, authentic support is indispensable. That’s why the core team tries their best to keep the community well-informed about every key decision through open community calls as well as working group calls. At Phuture, they believe in execution. This comes from the community culture that exists, which is based on doing work you’re proud of towards a common goal.


Tokens have a huge range of potential functions, from helping make decentralized organisations (DAOs) possible, to helping projects get funding by issuing and selling their own tokens. They can also be traded, staked, held or used for liquidity like any other cryptocurrency.

How to buy PHTR

The best place to buy PHTR is on Phuture DeFi Index. Here is the step by step guide

  1. 1.Make sure you have crypto such as ETH or USDC in your Ethereum wallet
  2. 2.Go to Bancor
  3. 3.Connect your wallet
  4. 4.Search for PHTR in their pools
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