What Is Petrachor (PTA)?

What Is Petrachor (PTA)? Complete Guide Review About Petrachor.

What Is Petrachor (PTA)?

Petrachor is a proof of stake blockchain and powerful decentralized application platform. This puts YOUR money back in YOUR pocket – letting you secure your finances, power the network, and earn block rewards. This is a comprehensive monetary system, enabling the creation, storage, and transfer of its currency, the Petra.

Petrachor uses 100% original code for the Ariel Protocol – a resource efficient and censorship resistant Proof of Stake consensus. Millions of nodes can actively participate in mining – eliminate the need for mining pools, and providing optimal security. Our light-weight architecture blockchain can run from a phone, tablet, or desktop – never trust a third-party again.

Petrachor Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NamePetrachor
Short NamePTA
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Total SupplyN/A
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Proof of Stake V4

The Ariel Protocol is a Proof of Stake v4 consensus. Like Bitcoin, your consensus provides probabilistic finality. There are no checkpoints – the chain with the most cumulative difficulty is the canonical chain. Miners can join and leave at any time, there is no minimum balance required, and all balances can be spent without restrictions.

By providing rewards to full-node operators and using a fixed reward schedule, Petrachor establishes a platform with exceptional scalability and long-term security. The consensus itself is very simple, and works like Bitcoin’s Minamoto consensus.

Technical Overview

Petrachor uses the Ariel PoS protocol, which is our custom implementation of the original Chin Proof-of-Stake consensus, a secure and eco-friendly Satoshi-style protocol. icing is a natural mimic of Bitcoin consensus; as a result, scalability solutions for Bitcoin can be immediately used. By applying this blockchain protocol to a fork of the Ethereum source code, they deliver a powerful new dApp platform combining the energy-efficiency of PoS with the power and versatility of Ethereum.

Once a miner finds a hash meeting the required difficulty, they can sign the block with their BLS private key, and add transactions to the blockchain. Anyone running a full-node can easily verify that the block is valid by reproducing a hash of the 3 items listed above. Unlike Proof of Work, which depends solely on computational power, our miners are rate limited to one hash per second, so that virtually any device can be utilized to mine and earn block rewards.

BLS Signature Scheme

The Petrachor unique signature scheme is used for the core random beacon of Ariel. By also securing accounts with BLS, they pave the road towards interesting future extensions, such as multi signatures, threshold signatures and aggregate signatures. Keeping in the spirit of naming consensus after ghosts, Ariel incarnates an academic protocol that was proven to satisfy important formal chain properties including common prefix, chain quality, chain growth, and chain soundness.

BLS12-381 Elliptic Curve

The elliptic curve used by Petrachor signature scheme is BLS12-381, a Barreto-Lynn-Scott curve. This curve was introduced in Sapling, the latest upgrade to the ZCash protocol, with the aim to improve efficiency and security while reducing memory intensivity. A timestamp that comes after the parent block timestamp, but not in the future.

The Petrachor Ecosystem scope is limitless and will cover several industries including Fintech, AI, Messaging and social, Lending, Decentralized music creation and distribution, Decentralized e-commerce and freelance platforms, Media.

Legal Notice

Each reader is required to make an independent assessment on the value of participation in the Offering. This Presentation has been provided for information purposes only to allow the reader to evaluate the benefits of participation in the Petrachor initial token offering. No value has been offered or assigned to the Offering.

Any changes to the Presentation will be denoted by a version change. The reader may not be notified of any changes. Many of the additional features listed throughout this Presentation may be initially unavailable. Any timelines presented are subject to change.

Tokens across several exchanges

The next evolution of Petrachor, Pipdroid Optima, will additionally offer trading of cryptocurrencies and tokens across several exchanges simultaneously, conduct rate arbitrage or simply optimize your buy and sell prices of everything crypto. Of course, with full support of your revolutionary cloud-bot architecture.