Persistence (XPRT) Coin Review : It is Good Or Bad Review

Persistence (XPRT) Coin Review : It is Good Or Bad Review

About Persistence

Persistence mission is to facilitate seamless exchange of value around the world to increase the speed and efficiency of cross-border trade and financing to close the 1.6 Trillion financing gap. Persistence Is An Interoperable Protocol Built To Facilitate The Creation Of Next-Gen Financial Products. The Persistence Tech Stack Provides The Infrastructure To Effectively Bridge The Realms Of DeFi And Traditional Finance In A Variety Of Areas, Whilst Also Enabling The Creation Of Innovative Crypto-Facing Solutions To Expand The DeFi And NFT Sectors.

Persistence Internet Disintermediated The Media & Communications Industry. Using HTTP, SMTP And TCP/IP As The Foundational Layers, The Cost Of Information Exchange Was Significantly Lowered. Persistence Is Leveraging Blockchain Technology To Facilitate Seamless Asset Exchange. Using Web 3.0 Protocols, Persistence Aims To Enable And Create A Suite Of Bleeding Edge Financial Products In Niches Ranging From Staking-As-A-Service And Tokenized ‘Real-World’ Debt To Digital Art.

Persistence (XPRT) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin Name Persistence
Short Name XPRT
Circulating Supply18,876,263.95 XPRT
Total Supply105,801,312
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Persistence chain(s)

Persistence is a network of sovereign chains hosting Open Finance dApps (Exchanges & Marketplaces), which facilitate matching of entities with surplus capital (lenders) to entities that require capital (borrowers).

Interchain NFT Transfer

The NFT (representing tokenized asset) creation and storage is handled at the app-chain level while the ownership is maintained at the main-chain level. Any ownership transfer transaction at the app-chain level is communicated to the main-chain via Interchain Communication.

Interchain (dis)Incentivization

Persistence Platform (referring to the Persistence main-chain and all of the app-chains in the Persistence ecosystem) is designed to be business friendly. As such, the expectation for the majority of the app-chains is to not have a token with any monetary value or be traded directly in open markets as cryptocurrencies. These app-chains however have distributed third party validators who need to be rewarded and slashed depending on their performance.


A Community-Focused Initiative Designed To Facilitate The Wide Distribution Of XPRT Tokens Among PoS Token Holders Familiar With Staking, Thus Accelerating The Decentralisation Of The Persistence Mainnet Once Live.


A Network Is Only As Strong As Its Validators. The Persistence Network Is Secured By Leading PoS Validators Running Institutional-Grade Architecture, Geographically Distributed Across The World.


InterNFT Is A Working Group Consisting Of The Leading Interoperable Projects And Protocols Building Inter-Chain Standards For Non-Fungible Tokens And Metadata.

XPRT Token

The XPRT Token Is Primarily A Governance Token For The Persistence Chain. Once The Persistence Mainnet Is Launched, Token Holders Will Be Able To Stake XPRT Tokens To Passively Earn More XPRT. XPRT Token Also Plays The Role Of A ‘Work Token’, Allowing The Stakers To Produce Cash Flows In Correlation With The Transaction Volume Generated By DApps In The Persistence Ecosystem.


Staking-As-A-Service Solution For Proof-Of-Stake Networks. For Institutional Assets Managers Looking To Generate Fixed Income Returns From Staking-As-An-AssetClass, AUDIT.One Provides Whitelabeling Solutions For Hardware And Software.


Liquid Staking Application To Unlock Liquidity Of Staked Assets Allowing Stakers To Generate Higher Returns On Their Staked Assets.

Asset Mantel

Application Implementing The Minimum Clique Of PersistenceSDK Modules Enabling Interchain NFT Definition, Issuance, Ownership Transfer And Decentralized Exchange.

What Is the Focus?

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Persistence Enabling Users To Interact With Both Traditional And Digital Assets In An Open And Global Context.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Making Real-World And Digital Assets, Such As Invoices, Collectibles And Art, More Accessible

Proof-Of-Stake (PoS)

Persistence Creating Products To Generate Opportunities And Address Challenges Around The Novel PoS Consensus Mechanism In A Multi-Chain Environment.


Persistence Is An Interoperable Protocol That Provides Sovereign Environments For Decentralised Institutional Finance Applications To Be Developed And Operated.


Persistence (XPRT) Coin