What Is Perfect Word(PFW)? Complete Guide Review About Perfect Word.

Perfect Word

What Is Perfect Word(PFW)?

In order to achieve the huge meteorological ecology in the future, Coins need to establish the most comprehensive centralized game virtual props trading platform to prepare for the circulation of meteorological assets. Perfect Word technology evolves, coins new decentralized ecosystem will provide ubiquitous mobility to game items and provide more value to the game market and participants. Here, the participants are mainly game developers, publishers, and game players, as well as the game prop market, trading promoters, and other contributors.

In this ecosystem, economic value is allocated among all participants to ensure that they receive the return they deserve. The new decentralized ecosystem will bring huge benefits to gamers, game developers, and publishers.Players have unprecedented flexibility and the ability to buy, sell, and hand in game items directly with other gamers (P2P), giving players great value from hard-earned game items. And the point is that they will be trading in zero-fraud environments, something that never existed before blockchain technology was available.

Perfect Word Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NamePerfect Word
Short NamePFW
Circulating SupplyN\A
Total Supply9,000,000,000,000,000
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Market House

Perfect Word the global gaming market, digital games generated about 87% of their revenue, or $94.4 billion.The game’s free game model is now the dominant framework with the sales revenue of game items. For example, Supercell, the manufacturer of mobile games such as Conflict Royal and Clash of the Tribes, generated $2.3 billion in sales in 2016. Although gamers could play Super cell for free, they bought $2.3 billion in game items and competed with each other.

The Business – The Metaverse

In the original work, the meta-universe (Meta verse) is composed of Me two words t a and Verse, Meta represents transcendence, Verse represents the universe (universe), which is the concept of “surpassing the universe”: an artificial space running parallel to the real world, is the next stage of the Internet, the virtual reality supported by AR, VR, 3D and other technologies. The metacarpus cannot be completely separated from the real world, parallel to, interconnected with, but independent of the real world, in which people can truly socialize and work.

The Perfect Word is derived from the 1992 science fiction novel “Avalanche” by famous American science fiction novelist Nicole Stevenson. Stevenson describes a network world parallel to the real world, and all real world people have a network separation. Stevenson’s meta-sphere is a new form of the Internet after the next stage of virtual reality.

Why do coins need the meta verse

The virtual world can be permanent, not because a company is gone, the world does not exist, not even because of someone and the end of the world, only in this way, people assets in the virtual world, money will become as valuable and the real world, like the money in your mobile
phone, won’t because you broke the mobile phone, it doesn’t exist. The second point is about creativity.

The content in the virtual world can be created by anyone, just like we can build a house in the real world, you will sew clothes, you will grow corn, are their own technology, with the virtual world can work forever. Connectivity. Perfect Word the virtual world can exist, because it can create the same value and the real world, they can use the virtual world to make friends, can use the virtual world work to make money, can use the virtual world to exchange money to the real world, only have the virtual world and the real world connection, so the world is more valuable.

PFW – Meta verse Ecology

PFW Meta verse Asset Trading Platform: It is an important platform to provide the meta verse asset circulation. It is the basis of all the value exchange in the entire meta verse, equivalent to Amazon in the meta verse field. The PFW trading platform provides unassailable, safe and
transparent P2P network digital e-commerce services for the game field. Perfect Word rich experience in the game industry, Perfect World delivers value with its unique positioning and attracts the majority of gamers. Players can participate in a variety of video game items from
multiple platforms, and Perfect World is currently the only platform to provide the following features:

  • It can enter the market at any time from a laptop, or through iOS or Android mobile APP;
  • With a high degree of fraud detection function and prevention function, to escort safe transactions;
  • Provide satisfactory electronic product hosting, automatic delivery services;
  • The Seller’s reputation / evaluation can directly request service or support from the Seller;
  • Advanced inventory management tools, including API login that can make sales more convenient;

PFW publisher and player earnings

Perfect Word key to gamers is the flexibility to sell, buy, and trade these game items. Importantly, the decentralized ecosystem of the Perfect World will also eliminate most of the friction in the limited existing market, as smart contracts will solve the fraud problem. The security of selling, buying, and trading will have a multiplier effect: players will buy more products and pay higher prices. Players are willing to pay more for the game props, and thus have more sense of

Perfect Word addition, players will buy more game items, more skin, stronger weapons, etc., after they find that they can retain their investment value and sell them later. In turn, this would have a viral scatter effect as players who have yet to use PFW games need to maintain speed-they also need to get more game items to stay competitive or have the same “unique” cool ” skin as his friend. This will strongly drive the overall growth of the terminal gamers, and even the
game props market.