What Is PepeVerse (PEPEVR)? Complete Guide Review About PepeVerse.

What Is PepeVerse (PEPEVR)?

Cross-Chain MetaVerse VR Game you have been waiting for. Mint and customize your Pepe character, condo or full house. Explore PepeVerse with friends, gain experience and crypto. Collect and trade skins in the PepeVerse world. Upgrade your Pepe, decorate your apartment. Meet your friends and show them your éclat! Yes, the game will be also available for Windows, Mac and Linux users that don’t own any VR equipment.

PepeVerse Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NamePepeVerse
Short NamePEPEVR
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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What are the game requirements?

Full game requirements will be released 30 days before the official game release. Wallet address on either one of the networks Ethereum, Fantom Opera, Harmony One, Binance Smart Chain will be needed to connect your account to play the game. Game will be released on all the major platforms. PepeVerse is a cross-chain game, PepeVR token is available to buy on four different chains to solve the problem of high gas fees on Ethereum Blockchain.

Endless Possibilities

PepeVerse SolX dashboard will allow users to not only stake their tokens, but also apply to become a scholar/player, rent your NFT and partake in the protocol’s governance. Token holders will be able to also “rent” their NFTs to maximise profit for them. As they are a community based DAO, the $SGG token will also lead as the governance token, in which holders can vote on things, make announcements, and submit proposals for the community! As they grow they will be expanding into P2E NFT’s in all ecosystems. Although negatively based on Solana, all chains are open.

What is PepeVR token?

The PepeVerse token will be used as the in-game currency. All in-game transactions will be related to this token including item purchases. Each in-game region items have varying prices and the economy will be managed by a finite amount of tokens. They will start posting gameplay videos soon. The dev team is hard at work right now. Lead developer will be sharing development updates via your socials. They are very passionate about your game and the community. They would love to be able to more closely interact with your community.

How are in-game rewards calculated?

PepeVerse aim is to introduce a self-governing ecosystem that utilizes high-level optimization through principles of artificial intelligence.The PEPEVERSE framework includes AI agents that regulate the prices of each item. Earned or purchased PEPEVR tokens will be received from the main pool. When items are purchased, the tokens will be transferred back into the pool. NFTs in your wallet are going to be used to instantiate in-game items, as well as player skins, mounts, etc.

Will trading be affected by high gas fees?

The PepeVerse token is connected to and synchronized with four different Blockchains that allow to transact with small fees. As such, it can be easily, quickly, and cheaply sent from one wallet to another on the network. It can also be sent into and out of the PEPEVERSE. Ethereum network will have higher fees than the other Blockchains game will be available at.

How do I purchase/earn NFTs?

NFTs can be bought or sold in the in-game marketplaces in main cities with the in-game currency PepeVerse. Current plans is to make a closed alpha available for play in Q2 2022. The full release is yet to be announced. Team is holding 5% of the supply, alongside with 20% that’s reserved for in-game staking, NPCs and sharing protocol revenue. SGG simply bridges rewards over to PepeVerse for our stakers to enjoy the rewards.