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What Is Pepedex (PPDEX)? Complete Guide Review About Pepedex.

What Is Pepedex (PPDEX)?

Digital Collectible Card Games in Metaverse, Owned by the Players. Airdropped 100%. Play2Earn powered by DeFi and NFTs in-game assets. Get the tokens on one of the decentralized exchange or aggregator across multiple EVM compatible chains. Pepedex is not just another ‘community’ coin – it is truly decentralized as it was 99,89% airdropped, and all contract keys were burned immediately after the airdrop happened.

Pepedex Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NamePepedex
Short NamePPDEX
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply116,680
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Collect unique Pepemon NFT cards

Use Pepedex to mint unique Pepemon NFT cards. All the cards are created by upcoming artists all over the metaverse. Once you have minted your cards, you can become the very best by dueling with your NFTs in a Trading Card Game on blockchain! Get all the details about Pepemon economy with beautiful charts and instant updated information.

Start earning before ETH 2.0

Pepedex tokens were 100% airdropped. No VCs and No token Sale was held, just 300 people got PPBLZ airdropped to their wallets. Since then on average more than 80% of those tokens were staked to generate PPDEX and mint NFT Cards. PPDEX is the token used for purchasing card packs and card NFTs from your store. PPDEX is farmed at a rate of about 13 PPDEX per 1 PPBLZ per year* (*based on Ethereum block time).

While farming is one of the coziest ways to earn PPDEX, you can also purchase PPDEX directly from Uniswap. 90% of all PPDEX spent in our store is burned, removing them from circulation. The other 10% fuels our dev team to continue to pay artists, marketers and developers to continue the vision of the community.

Care-free staking

Users have the choice of staking PPBLZ on Pepedex platform for basic APY, or stake PPBLZ-ETH LP tokens for double the rewards in PPDEX. Collect fees and help other Pepetrainers trade by staking LP tokens. Incredibly, about 80% of all PPBLZ are currently staked, showing the eagerness of your Pepe trainers to accumulate PPDEX for their future card decks.

Sustainable APY

Pepemon uses a unique system for those participating in it’s DeFi economy. Because they want to offer a predictable yield and minimize inflation, each PPBLZ produces around 14 PPDEX per year. Since Pepemon’s humble beginnings in early October, your team has already released many NFTs and strives every day to ensure your future game and its mechanics will be balanced and enjoyable to satisfy both competitive and casuals Pepetrainers. The alpha will be out soon for a selection of current NFT holders. So make sure you start staking your PPBLZ now!

Degen Battleground

Duel other trainers on an epic game powered by DeFi and NFT’s. Become a professional Pepetrainer with the Play2Earn mechanism that enables each player to get exclusive drops after a battle no matter what the skill level or collection size, there is always an opportunity to earn! Get ready to tap into a vein nostalgic with Pepemon. Pepedex team is bringing the excitement of opening booster packs back to the modern era.

Enjoy collecting Pepedex NFTs and building decks for your future trading card game. The quality of your art remains our top priority as they release your Pepemons to the world. Your token, PPDEX, is how your cards are purchased. PPDEX may be purchased directly or you may purchase PPBLZ and stake these to farm PPDEX overtime.


PPBLZ was airdropped 99.85%. Circulating supply 14.000/14.000. ~80% PPBLZ are in the staking contract generating each ~13PPDEX per year. PPDEX is used to buy NFTs. 90% spend on NFTs gets burned. 35% of PPDEX supply was burned already. More in-game use cases coming (booster packs, multiple play2earn mechanisms.

The team is aware of the importance of making a compelling NFT battle card game, so that it stands out from the other NFT projects. Though the team has made very interesting collectible NFT designs from the Pepedex store so far, the battle card game is an important consideration to make these Pepemon come to life.