What Is Peakdefi.com? (PEAK) Complete Guide Review About Peakdefi.

What Is Peakdefi? (PEAK) Complete Guide Review About Peakdefi.

What is Peakdefi?

Peakdefi Tech was launched on 09/05/2019 by an international team based in Dubai, UAE. It aims to create a DeFi ecosystem and educate their community. The token is the utility token of this ecosystem which consists of 3 pillars: PEAKDEFI fund: The fund is a decentralized and permissionless asset management fund, created to connect investors and asset managers for capital growth. This protocol was audited by Quantstamp and launches on November 2020.

Peakdefi Coin wallet app: The wallet app launched on August 2020 for iOS and Android. This wallet is an one-stop solution for taking control of your decentralized finances. Native, in-wallet App for DeFi solutions for everyone. Users can create and import an Ethereum wallet. There is also an integrated DEX (decentralized exchange). It is non-custodial – only users have access to their keys. MarketPeak: MarketPeak is the education and software platform that focuses on the non-crypto advanced users to help them understand crypto and DeFi better.

Peakdefi Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NamePeakdefi
Short NamePEAK
Circulating Supply302,820,933.03 PEAK
Total Supply752,925,125
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One fund To Be Ruled By All!

Peakdefi.com the desire of every investor is pretty simple: Maximum return! While some might be interested in the How, the majority of investors just want to enjoy the monthly growth of their money. For these people, this fund was created. One global fund for all, transparent to all, governed by all, to reach the PEAK of the Markets.

Autonomous Optimization to achieve the best Results

The Global Fund at redistributes itself automatically among the best performers through smart contracts for maximum success.2

Open and transparent to Everybody

Peakdefi Coin Everybody can become an investor! So can anybody become an Asset Manager and all transactions will be visibly to all on the blockchain.3

Community based Governance System

The fund is not controlled by any company or individual. It’s governed by the community of users in a decentralized way to benefit all!

How to start

1.Create an Account

You can use any supported Wallet. It’s free and easy.2

2.Start investing

Peakdefi Just deposit your Capital and let the fund managers do the rest3

3.Stake PEAK as a Bonus

Set the amount and the timeframe and see your PEAK growing

How it works

There are 3 Ways to build your Wealth through PEAKDEFI.

  • Invest and get 108.77% APY now
  • Earn 83% APY rewards
  • Become a fund manager

Earn staking rewards up to 83% APY

Peakdefi Coin Besides investing in the PEAKDEFI Global Fund you can grow your Capital by Staking PEAK and receive up to 83% APY. The more, longer and earlier you stake, the greater your staking rewards. The Staking Period can be set individually.

Get Affiliate rewards up to 20%

The community driven platform. Refer other users and earn twice – on their fund revenues and their PEAK staking. Earn every time your referrals invest or stake by helping the community fund to grow

Generate a passive income

The structure of PEAKDEFI is designed to benefit strong contributors long term. Every User can generate a passive revenue stream through referred Users up to the 8 Level in the Downline.


Peakdefi the vision of PEAKDEFI is to enable everybody on the planet to grow their wealth, no matter what position they are in at the moment. they want to provide a decentralized investment gateway that is easy to use and accessible for millions of people to shape their future“

Traditional Markets and their flaws

In today’s world, almost every financial service is run by a centralized construct of banks. A life without any form of money is not possible. And money is issued by central banks. Without borrowing and lending, no companies could be established, no homes could be acquired. Although there are some attempts of private organizations to offer loans the majority is still in control of banks. For Investing, the idea of growing wealth by putting money into dividend-making instruments, banks are usually involved, too. So, for any financial matter, banks are usually somehow involved.