Pawtocol Ico Review

Pawtocol Ico Review – The World’s Most Advanced Pet Community

About Pawtocol

Pawtocol is the most advanced online pet community, combining blockchain, AI and IoT technologies to improve the lives of the world’s 400 million pets. This one-of-a-kind platform serves pet owners, veterinarians, vendors and researchers, uniquely positioning it to take over this fast-growing, $100B+ industry. Pawtocol’s DLT provides all users much-needed privacy and complete control of their data, including options to be compensated for sharing it. Pawtocol’s AI will drive better product recommendations and, when coupled with point-of-care IoT devices at our local EZ Vet clinics, will dramatically improve medical outcomes.

Pawtocol Key Information

Token NamePawtocol
Min. investment200 UPI
Hard cap27,000,000 USD
Distributed in ICO68%
Tokens for sale575,000,000
AcceptingBTC, ETH, USDT
Token SymbolSCI
Token TypeERC20
Price in ICO0.0270 USD
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The Game Change Team Behind Pawtocol

Pawtocol Ico Review - The World’s Most Advanced Pet Community

Why Blockchain?

With the Ethereum blockchain as the backbone, the platform will foster greater trust in peer-to-peer exchanges, as well as in the data these activities produce. An immutable provenance is particularly valuable in this space because whether buying a treat or seeing a vet, pet owners need to be able to trust that they’re making that decision using complete, unmodified information. 

Conversely, blockchain ensures that data users choose to share in the data marketplace to facilitate important research or product development, is also complete and unmodified. Ultimately, blockchain, and specifically smart contracts, allow participants to interact without an intermediary, while maintaining their privacy, full custody of their own data and trust in the information presented by others.

Artificial Intelligence Turns Data into Insight

The Artificial Intelligence built into the Pawtocol platform empowers users to maximize the potential of the huge volumes of trusted data mentioned above.  With only two manufacturers comprising over 90% of the pet food market, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for upstart vendors with superior products to compete. Not only is this unhealthy with respect to market dynamics, but it’s also bad for pets. 

Pawtocol AI will deliver crowd-verified product recommendations based on trusted user input and the specific characteristics of your pet, not based on ad budgets. Artificial Intelligence will also be deployed to support improved healthcare outcomes for pets. Proactive treatment reminders and diagnostics tools that support veterinarians will improve the quality and decrease the costs of medical care.

IoT Devices Connect your Pet to the Blockchain

The technology that Pawtocol will use to bridge the gap between the real world and that of the blockchain is perhaps the most unique and important component of the platform. As with most DLT projects, this gap is at best a source of inefficiency (e.g., as manual, human intervention is required) and at worst a critical failure point (e.g., as a means of entry for “bad” data).  Pawtocol has solved this by developing several IoT-enabled devices and by partnering with the EZ Vet clinic network.

Devices such as the blockchain dog tag or the PAWS spectral photometer ensure that collecting data is easy and error-free. Point-of-care diagnostic devices used by EZ Vet clinicians simplify vet visits and allow vets to spend more time with their patients. What’s more, EZ Vet’s neighborhood-level, micro-clinic model will make it easier to access routine care, especially in areas where veterinary services are scarce.

A Novel Revenue Model

Not only is the Pawtocol platform itself unique, but its revenue model is more diversified than many other projects. While most companies draw the majority of their revenue from network usage, (e.g. transaction fees), Pawtocol has three major revenue sources:

  • 50% from sales of Pawtocol hardware, such as the blockchain dog tag or PAWS spectrometer
  • 35% from transaction fees
  • 15% from fees associated with the data marketplace