What Is Patron-influencers? (VEIL) Complete Guide Review About Patron-influencers.

What Is Patron-influencers? (VEIL) Complete Guide Review About Patron-influencers.

What Is Patron-influencers?

Patron-influencers is the world’s first Blockchain-based influencers’ sharing economy platform that can instantly deliver and share the *value of influencers all around the world to people who need it and just the way they need it. This project is a mixture of the modern trends, where the community is largely influenced by social media. Patron plans to tokenize the influencer social media (SNS) and connect brands with social influencers globally.

In fact, this has been going on for some time on social media – popular accounts have been collaborating with various brands to represent them and provide more exposure. Ultimately, it is a win-win situation for all the participating parties – social media and brands advance their reach, and the public gets to know new information via the social influencers they follow.

The Patron project aims to utilize the Blockchain technology to help social media influencer focused brands and influencers themselves to develop their businesses. It will enable influencers and social media users to publish, discover, reserve, and sell the data on Patron’s platforms on both web and mobile.

Patron-influencers Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NamePatron-influencers
Short NamePAT
Circulating Supply86,077,879.80 VEIL
Total Supply94,918,809
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How can Patron-influencers Coin continue to create value while fighting against influencers’ defamation of their value? How can they secure transparency and provide influencers’ value without any intermediaries? How can they construct a structure that will correct the industry norms? As mentioned earlier, they currently have a number of problems in the world of influencer marketing.


The industry needs a place where the value of influencers all over the world is transparently priced (money/tokens) and third parties and users can rate and evaluate it. They need a platform that shows authentic and true information/data of influencers.

The Patron-influencers industry needs a sharing economy that can deliver the value of ,influencers all over the world to people who need them for different demands and purposes. Meaning, they need a Blockchain-based sharing economy platform that is fully fair and transparent and connects influencers, brands and companies, followers and potential consumers that exist around them and even people who want to be an influencer.

Challenges seen in today’s influencer marketing

Agencies (or so-called middlemen) that connect influencers with brands and companies tend to have very little understanding and knowledge about social media marketing in general, and they still charge very high handling fees which can often go up to 40% of the transaction made.

Influencers’ value is far from transparent. There needs to be a structure that avoids defamation of each influencer’s value. Meaning, they need a special KPI configuration and incentive designs that will keep each and every single influencer from wanting to defame their


A Patron-influencers Coin blockchain-based sharing economy platform that is fully fair and transparent and improves the level of happiness on a global scale by connecting influencers all over the world with brands and companies, followers and potential clients and customers
around them and delivering influencers’ valuable information and true value.


CRM Generation – Management of Customer Data

The important thing when using the data of CRM is to clarify the purpose of using customer information each time. When managing, it is important to segment and visualize the customer. This marketing flow is intended to be automated and automatically managed by blockchain technology.

Backend Offer – Online & Offline

The Patron-influencers back-end offers are online sales or offline sales to a high potential customer base from lead Training. The key point to choose which is whether the product to be offered is at least ¥ 100,000. Because basically, the more expensive the product is, the more people actually look at it, get it in their hands, hear it, and then purchase it.

Lead Classification – Classification of Prospective Customers

Lead classification is to classify leads according to their attributes and their level of interest, and sell products only to those with high accuracy.


The value of each individual’s influence will be tokenized. Not only companies but also individuals will be able to tokenize their value as cryptocurrencies, to which investors can invest and contribute. PATRON aims at establishing a cryptocurrency exchange that focuses on individuals and allows transactions with the aforementioned tokens.