What Is Passivetoken? (PASSIVE) Complete Guide Review About Passivetoken.

What Is Passivetoken? (PASSIVE) Complete Guide Review About Passivetoken.

What Is Passivetoken?

Passivetoken Coin Deployed on 21st November 2021 and developed by the UK based team that created Retire Token, Passive Token is a true source of passive income. It has a unique token economic model designed solely to benefit the long term holder with generous rewards.

Passive Token Tokenomics With only 888,888 tokens available, Passive Token is a low supply, high rewards token economic model. It reflects in retire tokens and BUSD stable coins, giving holders more flexibility in how they use their rewards. Holders must hold at least 28 tokens to qualify for the rewards system.

15% of each transaction is taxed and redistributed to all eligible holders in BUSD. 3% of each transaction is taxed and redistributed to all eligible holders in Retire tokens. 2% is taxed and used for project development and marketing.

Passivetoken Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NamePassivetoken Coin
Circulating Supply888,888.00 PASSIVE
Total Supply888,888
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Passive Income

Passivetoken income is the new moniker used by those who wish to keep you in slave labor. The elites coined (lol) this phrase as offering you an ‘’alternative’’ to earn extra pennies on your own time. Why? Because their wages are a joke. And the solution to their substitution of ‘passive’ income is to keep you working even when you’re at home. They say No more! We’re taking PASSIVE income back.

In fact, the PASSIVE Token gives you a secure place to invest and earn PASSIVE income without rug pulls, honeypots, or their idea of ‘’passive’’ income which benefits some big institution anyway.


They give you BUSD back on every transaction. So you earn every time there’s a buy/sell or transfer. Passive token also rewards holders with 3% of the native token $RETIRE, which has a low supply of only 401 000 tokens and also pays 15% USDT rewards

Total supply

The Passivetoken Coin total supply is 888,888 tokens and the significance of this number is intentional. In many cultures, the number 8 signifies prosperity and wealth. Similarly, the number 28 is often viewed as a symbol of teamwork towards the goal of prosperity.

Top Marketing

2% will be used to really push the token to unbelievable success within a short period of time. No expenses are spared! The team are well known for this. 24/7 Poocoin & Wen Lambo app banner ads, press releases on mainsteam media, Telegram shilling 24/7, Facebook paid ads & more.

Safe Investment

The Devs and team behind Passivetoken are from other successful projects such as $RETIRE. They have a track record and have come together to rid untrustworthy projects, rug pulls and honeypots. A safe space for investers to earn passive income without worry.

Team & Community Driven

Core Team

Active UK & USA devs, core marketing team and financial advisors from other very popular tokens are all working together with you, the community. The main goal is to provide a passive income for everyone.

Community Driven Project

Though the core development team is always working on Passivetoken Coin, it is the community who can guarantee its success. On Telegram and Twitter, the awesome community is spreading the word about us from shared experience of passive earning from project to project.


They value the safety of the investors’ funds above everything else. That’s why we took the steps to ensure it’s 100% safe and unruggable. The liquidity is locked away for 1 year. The Token distribution is locked in smart contracts and our Team is trusted by all users through other projects


Passivetoken 2% of each transaction will go directly towards marketing the project. This tax will be used to really push the project to new heights and spread the word about the unique
toneomics of Passive Token. Plans include 24/7 paid ads across many platforms,
mainstream media articles and Telegram shilling. Earnings from this fee will also go to
expanding the project and rewarding the holders by running airdrops, social media
campaigns and applying for exchange listings.


Earn BUSD Daily

18% of every buy/sell is taken and redistributed to all holders. Hold $PASSIVE tokens, earn 15% BUSD and 3% $RETIRE token. Minimum amount to receive rewards is only 28 tokens. The number 28 signifies “Ability to help others, team work, collaboration and prosperity”Auto Paid Rewards

You don’t need to Passivetoken Coin claim your earned BUSD or $RETIRE. It’s automatically sent to your wallet address every 60 minutes. This is what PASSIVE income is all about, making money with minimal to no effort. NB: in periods of lower volume this may take slightly longer than 60min to receive.


The Team The developers of Passive Token bring a wealth of knowledge to the project. They have been involved in several high profile token projects and consist of a multi-discipline global team of developers and investors.

Where to buy Passivetoken is becoming available on an ever increasing number of platforms. Currently it is listed on Coinsbit, PancakeSwap with more exchanges on the horizon for the future.