What Is Pamptherfinance? (PAMPTHER) Complete Guide Review About Pamptherfinance.

What Is Pamptherfinance? (PAMPTHER) Complete Guide Review About Pamptherfinance.

What Is Pamptherfinance?

Pamptherfinance Coin is a deflationary BEP-20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain. Per transaction, 1% is burnt – reducing supply, 1% is redistributed to holders, and 0.1% is sent to the Binance Charity. The Pampther team has combined both the crypto meme niche with NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). To synergize these 2 emerging markets, the result that has been forged is a game. The game is a mobile app, available on IOS and Android app stores, named Pampther & Friends.

The game consists of popular meme crypto coins, and NFT images as trophies awarded to top users. The initial phase is a score-based game, that has crypto animals (including the Pampther) as in-game skins. Top performers will be issued with NFT(s) that emulate both the theme of that week and the current skins.

These will be minted and awarded Pamptherfinance each week, incentivizing replay-ability. Pampther is a community driven token, launched on 05.05.2021. Utilizing the reflection tokenomic, Pampther holders are rewarded every transaction. The idea of Pampther is to promote the DeFi-sector of cryptocurrency whilst supporting a globally recognized charity.

Pamptherfinance Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NamePamptherfinance Coin
Circulating Supply
Total Supply827,929,180
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  1. Fully Audited Smart Contract Coinmarketcap & Coingecko Listing Launch Pampther & Friends on IOS/Android Finalize & Release Whitepaper Pampther & Friends Game Updates Host competitions with Other Cryptos
  2. CEX Listing(s) Form the Crypto Charity Alliance (CCA) Influencer Marketing Advertising on Crypto Platforms
  3. Roll-Out the Pampther Game Launchpad Pampther Virtual Pet Mobile Game Release Polygon (Matic) Integration Design & Release Pampther Merch


Locked Liquidity

Pamptherfinance Coin LP Tokens have been burnt, ensuring liquidity is locked forever.

Per Transaction

  • 1% is burnt
  • 1% redistributed
  • 0.1% donated

Initial Launch

Max Supply: 1,000,000,000/Initial Burn: 163,467,577

Pampther & Friends

The first Mobile App, Pampther & Friends is live now on IOS and Android, completely free to play!

Virtual Pet

They are designing a Pampther Virtual Pet Mobile App, whereby Pampther token will be used in game.

Prediction Market

Vote Pamptherfinance competition outcomes, and be rewarded extra tokens if successful!

NFT Rewards

Limited Edition NFT artwork to be rewarded to top game performers, designed in house!

Token Governance

Changes to game updates or tariff amounts are to be voted on by Pampther holders.

Binance Charity

Each transaction Pamptherfinance Coin donates to Binance Charity.

Binance Smart Chain

Pampther was launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) for low and accessible gas fees.
The token contract is designed to reward both HODLers & give to charity simultaneously.
Due to the deflationary nature of the token, the circulating supply is constantly being reduced
as more transactions are completed. The token is accessible through the PancakeSwap
decentralized finance protocol (built on the BSC platform) where the trading pair is
Pampther/BNB (Binance Coin).


The Pamptherfinance contract has a built in transaction tax, totalling 2.1%, acting as a tariff. There are numerous tokens in the space which implement a heavy transaction tax system- in most cases this is incorporated to emphasis a “pump and dump” in the price. The team have investigated numerous tokenomic combinations, with the long-term desire for the PAMPTHER token be utilised as a store of value and a means of transfer, resulting in a 2.1% tariff to be ideal.

This figure allows for the deflation of the token whilst introducing holders to the space of DeFi through an auto- staking mechanism. The more transactions that are actioned, increases the tokens that are obtained for holders through the reflection tokenomic. The

Crypto Charity Alliance

The Pamptherfinance Coin plan to form the Crypto Charity Alliance (CCA), which is a coalition with other charity cryptocurrencies. The CCA will be built upon partnerships initially established via our mobile games, that will provide even more charity donations than currently. The framework for this plan will be to host friendly in game challenges between 2 meme communities.

where players will donate either of the participating coins’ native currency to a honeypot. The winner of the competition will receive 50% of this pot (and bragging rights for their community!), with the other half being donated to a community voted charity.

Burn Token

Pamptherfinance Upon BSC launch, 163,467,577 Pampther tokens (~16.3% of the total supply) were burnt forever, with the LP tokens burnt too (i.e., these are burnt forever). This means the circulating supply at time of launch was 836,532,423 tokens.