What Is Pacoca (PACOCA)?

What Is Pacoca (PACOCA)? Complete Guide Review About Pacoca.

What Is Pacoca (PACOCA)?

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is the greatest innovation for financial markets in the world and it’s growing exponentially fast, not only the number of users, but also new protocols are increasing everyday. However, it’s still in the early days and the learning curve is too steep for the average user, which makes it a barrier for mass adoption. Each new protocol works in a certain way that’s specific to that particular protocol, therefore users have to do a lot of research or even buy courses to have access to the benefits of DeFi. Pacoca comes with the proposal to enhance the user experience and reduce the DeFi learning curve, so even beginners can interact with the blockchain in a fast and natural way.

Pacoca Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NamePacoca
Short NamePACOCA
Circulating Supply123,107,413.73 PACOCA
Total Supply142,811,394
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Pacoca was born to optimize the experience of Defi users. The goal is to provide a broad and centralized view of the assets staked in different DeFi projects in EVM based blockchains like BSC, Ethereum and Polygon. The platform values simplicity and is the perfect place for those looking for an elegant DeFi hub with a real time portfolio watcher. The team is still small, but it will expand soon after the IFO to provide expected results and keep generating more value to the DeFi community. The team is close to the community and is easy to get in touch with. For security and personal reasons, it was decided that the team would stay anonymous, just like many other great DeFi projects do.


There are a large number of DeFi projects and this number grows everyday. People need to access each one of them individually to add or remove funds, receive rewards and check their balances. This can also result in forgetting where you placed your funds. Pacoca The great majority of projects are made with the heavy user in mind, that said, beginners end up struggling to start investing in DeFi. This is a barrier that once taken care of, will bring a huge amount of new users into the ecosystem.


Portfolio tracking so users can see all their DeFi investments in a single place with real-time updates. Simple and objective interfaces, taking into account the beginner user persona in DeFi, making sure that everything is well explained, transparent and secure, with the smallest possible learning curve. Stake and lock Pacoca to receive NFTs as rewards. Keeping these NFTs in your wallet allows you to use all the exclusive features. They can also be sold or transferred at any time. Cross-Platform NFT marketplace will enable trades of any NFT that follow the ERC721 or ERC1155 patterns. A fees received on NFT sales will be burned.


A DeFi hub where the user tracks their investments on BSC and other EVM based blockchains’ main DeFi projects. To start tracking a wallet, the user pastes it’s address in the input field on the landing page using any mobile or desktop browser. To unlock features that create transactions in the blockchain, e.g. exchange or harvest, the user must connect their wallet as a dapp using his wallet mobile app (SafePal, Trust Wallet, …) or desktop browser extension (Meta Mask or Binance Chain Wallet).

Auto-compounding vaults that generate Pacoca rewards and governance for creating improvement proposals, vote on features to be added, portfolio integrations or any change you would like to see on the platform. Proposals aren’t limited to BSC, it is possible to propose integrations of any EVM-based blockchain projects like Polygon or Ethereum.

Consumer-side risk

Risks also exist on the consumer side, involving the user’s own software, hardware and operations security. There is always the possibility of a bug or exploitation of a user’s own browser, operating system, or hardware, which could result in a loss of funds. Pacoca advises that users educate themselves on user-side security before using or any decentralized application.

Smart Contract risk

Smart contracts may contain bugs, which may cause unexpected behavior. Currently the only deployed smart is related to the airdrop of the first NFTs and doesn’t hold any user’s funds, therefore there is no risk of losing funds. As soon as there are other smart contracts they will be properly audited. Pacoca also interacts with smart contracts from other DeFi applications, but only as a “shortcut” for their features, like deposit, harvest, and exchange, that is connected via API. That said, if any third party contract shows symptoms of failure, those symptoms may be reflected. If something like that happens, team will disable such interactions as soon as possible.