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Ovhcloud Web Hosting Review: Develop Your Web Presence.

About Ovhcloud

Society continues to evolve in the digital age. Recognising the advantages of the cloud, companies are starting to approach it with more readiness. Ovhcloud is because they are able to make more informed decisions when it comes to their choice of infrastructure and cloud migration. As ever-increasing digitisation brings new needs, both public and private companies need to adapt. They opt for strategies that rely on hybrid or multi-cloud solutions.

Although this phenomenon certainly isn’t new, the number of cyberattacks has increased significantly in recent years. This number has quadrupled in two years, according to a report by the French National Agency for the Security of Information Systems (ANSSI). The particular context of the past two years has, of course, exacerbated the prevalence of this trend — providing fertile ground for vulnerabilities that are more easily exploited by cybercriminals.

Some Quick Facts Ovhcloud Web Hosting

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Hosting NameOvhcloud
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Call Support1-855-684-5463
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Global Infrastructure

In 1999, Ovhcloud was launched with a single mission to offer a full range of innovative cloud and bare metal solutions with a European approach. Since then, the company has provided world-class infrastructure to over one million customers worldwide. In 2019, OVH was officially renamed. This is to better reflect its status as Europe’s leading alternative cloud provider, and the continued evolution of its services. Leading the way in the data revolution, this is committed to maintaining its spirit of innovation, and helping its users do business in the way that’s right for them while maintaining full control of their data.

Ovhcloud is present wherever you and your customers are located, with a robust global infrastructure. It spans 5 continents and 183 countries, with 33 world-class datacentres and multiple points of presence (PoPs). For more than 20 years, OVH has designed and built its own servers and datacentres — using the latest and most innovative components — and has maintained its own global fibreoptic network. Industrialising the end-to-end production process means it can provide better and more cost-effective solutions, giving its customers the freedom to innovate.

Explore the full range of Your solutions

OVHcloud leverages the full power of its global infrastructure to deliver solutions for businesses of all sizes, in all industries worldwide:

  • Web hosting: Maximum control and versatility, from Europe’s longstanding web hosting specialists.
  • Public Cloud: A range of secure, scalable and versatile cloud instances, so you can launch your projects in seconds.
  • Private Cloud: The power of 100% dedicated resources, combined with the freedom and flexibility of the cloud.
  • VPS: A cost-effective virtual solution with exceptional performance, security and versatility.
  • Dedicated Servers: Multiple ranges of world-class bare metal, manufactured in-house, and ready to be launched in datacentres worldwide.
  • Enterprise solutions: The ultimate in high performance for your projects, including big data, AI and machine learning.

Website security

Even at the dawn of the internet, when its adoption was still very confidential, the first cyberattacks were already happening. The very first cyberattack appears to have taken place as early as 1988, when only a few tens of thousands of computers were connected to the internet. These days, these attacks are common and more frequent. This threat is almost invisible, transforms constantly, and concerns all — whether they’re individuals, small or large companies, or administrations. This is the case, regardless of the scale of the internet exposure. Of course, the main web players and the most strategic economic players are much more exposed to it than the owner of a small website. However, everyone must ensure they have the right measures in place to guarantee optimal protection for their business.

As a leading cloud and web services provider, they place great importance on both the security of your infrastructures and that of your service users. At OVHcloud, your philosophy has always been to include a wide range of solutions by default that will help protect you, no matter which service level you choose. Of course, it is still important to stay informed regarding the proper implementation of basic IT security rules (e.g. secure access, regularly updating applications, CMS tools and associated plugins as part of web hosting plans).

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