What Is Orakler(ORKL)? Complete Guide Review About Orakler.


What Is Orakler(ORKL)?

Orakler is not just a simple NFT game. Besides having fun, you will learn about the world of decentralized finance. That’s why they’ve called ourselves the first DEFIG in existence. What is a DEFIG? The acronym DEFIG stands for DEFI, the famous decentralized finance, and G, Game. A want to go beyond a simple game, yours will be an economic system based on the most important economic theories of today. A platform where you can earn money by playing. A matter of experience, not luck.

The assets, which will belong to the players, are NFT’s minted in the ERC-721 standard. These NFT’s can be traded or sold on Orakler Marketplace. In addition, as elements that differentiate from the rest of the economies of the other games, they have chosen to apply two functionalities which are that the Claim of the rewards is subject to the price of the token (If you win 500$, make it 500$ even if the token goes up or down) and that the player chooses the percentage of success (The player could choose a 100% success rate every day at any level).

Orakler Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameOrakler
Short NameORKL
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply5,000,000
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The Problem

How many times have you thought: “Why would you invest in a game if the rewards might get worse? Currently, NFT games have a big problem: their lifetime is often very short. With the exception of a few cases, most games try to incentivise people to get in by creating FOMO with continuous updates that usually improve the rewards, but is that what Orakler really want when do your calculations? They don’t know about you, but coins don’t.

The solution

Orakler is presented as the first game that proposes a stable economy. To achieve this propose the use of the following technologies:

  • The Oracle is the base of your economy, based on the value of the dollar establish the in-game rewards and the mint of the NFT’s, being able in this way, to control that the benefits are stable in the long term.
  • Do not alter the rewards. They understand that the real players are those who, before starting to play, calculate what profit they will have and how long they can get it, so they are committed to never change the rewards.


The Orakler are NFT ERC-721 that together with the Scepters, will allow to combine their powers (called Research Capacity) to create the strongest potions in the realm and with them earn better rewards. These Wizzards, once minted, will obtain a rarity level that will define the amount of Scepters that can be equipped to them. Each player can have a maximum limit of 10 Wizzards in a Coven.

Minting a Wizzard will cost 30$ collected as follows: 5$ in BNB (to bring liquidity to the token) and 25$ in $ORKL (Which will go directly to the incentive pool of the game). In addition, all Wizzards can be burned and the player will receive 4.5$ (15%) of their mintage value in the game token ($ORKL).

What are Power Crystals?

Orakler Power crystals are used to prevent the price of the token from collapsing, help fill the liquidity pool and help give better rewards. They cost 1$ per Scepter per day, i.e. if you have 2 Scepters and you want to put 7-day crystals on them, it will cost you 14$ paid in the game token, however you should not be afraid of them, as even at the lowest levels they will still be profitable to research.


Orakler Covens are the combination of Wizards and Sceptres. They are the most important asset, as the RC of a Coven is what determines what level you are able to research. You need at least one Wizard and one Scepter to create a Coven, and at most 10 Mages, so the maximum number of Scepters you can equip if they are level 5 Wizards is 50.

So, if you multiply this number by the maximum RC of a Scepter, you can see that a Coven can have a RC of 10,000. In order to dissolve a Coven, Scepters must possess a Power Crystal and also cannot have been used that day. Your Covens show different characteristics such as: Name, Research Capacity, amount of potions created and availability of Crystals.