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What Is Opsya Insurance (OPSY)? Complete Guide Review About Opsya Insurance.

What Is Opsya Insurance (OPSY)?

Opsya Insurance is working as an insurance for crypto assets. Giving the possibility for users to cover/insure wallets, NFT collection, accounts, addresses and trades under conditions. As your protocol is unique for an insurance system users will be insured and rewarded if something wrong happens to someone inside Opsya community, rewarded if all goes fine, and rewarded simply by holding our tokens. More than that they will implement our DAO, providing excellent stacking rate for your users.

Opsya Insurance Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameOpsya Insurance
Short NameOPSY
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply100,000,000
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The estimated number of global crypto users has passed 100 million and this number is growing every day. The security and risks are the main concerns for every project, exchanges, marketplace, buyers, sellers, trader. Regardless the profile of people/organization in this industry something must be done not to cancel the risk (steal/hack/losing account/scam/wrong trade/etc..) but at least to reduce it giving more peace of mind for investor or content creator. Opsya Insurance Lack of regulation creates a risky environment as well This is largely a problem with Bitcoin or other value-based blockchain networks.

But the fact is, as many investing in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for the first time in the last few months have found to their cost, it’s a very volatile environment. Due to the lack of regulatory oversight, scams and market manipulation are commonplace. Among the high-profile cases is Once coin; recently revealed as a Ponzi scheme which is believed to have robbed millions from investors. Opsya Insurance As with many areas of tech in recent years, legislators have largely failed to keep pace with innovators (or scammers), leading to rich pickings for those seeking to exploit “FOMO”: the “fear of missing out”.


Here is Opsya Insurance, working as an insurance, user can come to the website and after two minutes leaving with his total wallet covered. It’s very simple, user can connect to D-app and choose an insurance plan according to what he needs. It can be for a simple meta mask address with 0,5 bib or for a full exchange account with 5BTC or may be an active trader who is taking a lot of risks in his position, we have a suitable plan for everybody.

So according to your terms and conditions, when a user account is insured if something happen and once validated by team, Opsya Insurance gives back the maximum value of covering policy in OGLD tokens, plus 10% (to cover OPSY buying taxes). User can hold that amount and earn passive income in AVAX due to automatic reflection for each network transaction or simply trade that amount to any other cryptocurrency.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization

The treasury will be at the center of our ecosystem, from here they will be able to reward community and guarantee a solid insurance protocol. your goal is to provide very good staking rewards and at the same time increase the treasury amount. Opsya Insurance great plans are not only for crypto investors. They decided to create a charity wallet to contribute at your level, helping some charity organizations making people life easier. The process is simple, your team will select some charity organizations and submit them to the community for a vote (taking place in your Dapp. YOU will decide which organization will receive the total value of the charity wallet. And this twice a year.

If you have good idea or if you know public charity organization even small in your country don’t hesitate and submit it to the team for review, during this period a lot of people are struggling and if could send them even a little help, it would be amazing. Opsya Insurance Vesting For Contributors helps projects to ensure long term price stability by locking away the tokens of presale investors for a period of time. It prevents presale investors from selling all their tokens at once at listing time, which causes too much sell pressure and crashes the price.

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