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What Is Open Stream World (OSW)? Complete Guide Review About Open Stream World.

What Is Open Stream World (OSW)?

Open Stream World is Livestream-to-earn and decentralized video streaming network; built to enable scalable, easy to host, interactive online events. Through the power of open source software, they optimize the use of resources like computational power and bandwidth, and use crypto-economic incentives for bootstrapping and participation; there is an opportunity here to deliver an infrastructure that can power video streaming applications at a highly efficient price, and infinite scale.

Open Stream World Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameOpen Stream World
Short NameOSW
Circulating Supply1,617,761.00 OSW
Total Supply680,000,000
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Open Stream World is developed by a team with rich experience in both technology and Blockchain. They have more than 3 years of experience in developing projects related to live streaming and the Blockchain payment mechanism, serving hundreds of thousands of users. In addition, they have experience in community development for typical large projects such as Safe moon, Yooshi.

What Is Open Stream World (OSW)? Complete Guide Review About Open Stream World.

Pay for network broadcast fees

It is essential for network participants to hold someOSW tokens. Developers have to pay for network usage, with transcoding and deployment services. Open Stream World offer an opportunity for OSW token holders to earn a passive income with crypto, through staking OSW tokens and securing the OSW network. Investors can use $OSW or other stable coins to invest into other projects that they support. Your IOSO mechanism provides a special method to protect the investors if they use $OSW. Viewers can use $OSW to buy gifts/donate directly to their streamer idols.

Buy/sell NFTs

On other side, Idols can sell their unique digital assets in the form of NFTs. Especially, if a Idol were a vtuber (virtual idols/characters that appear in streaming/video services), they could sell their virtual wardrobe/sponsor banners in each livestream session. You can increase your income not just by viewer donations. Now you can sell your NFTs assets to your mass subscribers, directly and easily like never before. Your channel, your fans, your ads, your pricing. You decide what ads should be shown on your channel and at what price.

Open Stream World is a heaven for you to grow your passive income. Verified high quality projects need your support in their very early stages. You can get OSW as a reward for successful referrals of projects to other investors; or you can get back OSW back if anything goes wrong with your invested projects.

OpenStream Live

Open Stream World is an ecosystem that include many products. It provides tools and utilities for building a website that is needed to use livestream feature. Here, livestreamers are free to develop their own digital content without having to be dependent on any platform. OpenStream World has a multi-threaded livestreaming mechanism on many different platforms. Live streamers can interact with their fans through chat bridges and command prompts to create meaningful and quality livestreams.

After you have set up, you will be able to create a livestream session on the platform you have chosen. Try it out and start building your own community right away! If you have any questions, please contact on the project’s Official channel or by mail:

Flourishing Virtual Events

Traditional online events rely on centralized companies that provide trust and technology. Although blockchain takes over several types of activities like raising money (either by ICO/IDO/IEO/etc.), its applications are still constrained within a small range of events. Open Stream World greatly extend the scope of blockchain applications with the help of their additional properties (uniqueness, ownership, liquidity). This enables each individual to link their NFTs to a specific event just like they do in our real life.


The team is taking fast, rhythmic steps along the map to bring the community the most enjoyable live streaming platform experiences.

Q4/2021: Concept and business alignment

  • ✅ Concept and Idea Development begin
  • ✅ Website V1 launch
  • ✅ Community Development
  • ✅ Whitepaper
  • ✅ Token issuance
  • ✅ Airdrop


  • January 2022:
    1. ✅ 20/01: Release Website V2
    2. ✅ 22/01: Airdrop Claim
  • February 2022:
    1. ✅ 22/02: OpenStream Live Concept
  • March 2022:
    1. 12/03: IDO
    2. 14/03: Listing Token
    3. 17/03: Airdrop Distribution
    4. 19/03: OpenStream Live Testnet

Q2/2022: OpenStream Live launch

Q3/2022: NFT Marketplace

  • Livestream NFT Marketplace Concept
  • Livestream NFT Marketplace Testnet

Q4/2022: NFT Marketplace

  • Livestream NFTs Marketplace Mainnet

2023: OpenStream Core + Stream Node Forgers

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